28 February 2018

How To Upgrade Windows 10 Using Assistive Technology [100% Working and Free]

How To Upgrade Windows 10 Using Assistive Technology [100% Working and Free]

Microsoft Corporation announces assistive technology users can upgrade their older versions of windows to the Windows 10 still now. Officially the offer for assistive technology was alive till 16 January, 2018.  But windows 10 upgradation can be done through the Microsoft windows official website. And this offer is free till now. The first deadline of this offer was 31st December 2017.

windows 10 assistive technology

#The way how you can upgrade to Windows 10 using assistive technology till now

Assistive technology users can upgrade to Windows 10 from any lower versions of Windows for free using some simple steps. Here are the step by step process. No matter what version of windows edition you use right now, if you are a assistive technology customer, you can update your windows easily to latest version 10.

Step 1: First go to the Microsoft official website from Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1.

Step 2: Find and Click on “Upgrade Now”.

Step 3: A file will be downloaded in a few minutes. After downloading, install it. Windows 10 upgradation process will begin in moments.

Microsoft has launched a free offer for assistive technology users in the new year 2018. Which is ongoing till now although the 2nd end date has gone. Windows 10 upgrade for free who use Assistive technologies, check it here in details.

#What progress are available on Windows 10 anniversary update

There are lot of changes on Windows 10 anniversary update. Here is these in a list.

  • Improved Screen Reading with Narrator
  • Faster text to speech voices
  • New languages in Narrator
  • More familiar keyboard navigation
  • Introducing scan mode
  • Six levels of verbosity
  • Punctuation Modes
  • Now announcing AutoSuggest results
  • Feedback made easy
  • User guides and documentation
  • Working to make apps and experiences more accessible
  • More accessible browsing and reading with Microsoft Edge
  • Mail
  • Cortana
  • Groove
  • Making accessibility easier for developers
  • New Tools
  • XAML Improvements
  • Improved Documentation

If you don’t like to be on Windows 10 after the upgradation process, you can go back to your previous version of windows system.  A digital license will remain always by which you can go back and forward.

Assistive Technology users have the opportunity to get Windows 10 operating system for free. Windows 10 upgrade for assistive technology users  available now on Microsoft website. This is just only for assistive technology customers.  A file is available to download here on the website and users just need to install it.

If you are running Windows 8 right now, your update will first go to the Windows 8.1 and after that you will get Windows 10. But the if you use Windows 7 now, your update will go to Windows 10 directly.

Microsoft finished a survey in November and they declared Windows 10 is running on more than 500 million devices. These devices are just not Computers, Tablets and Smartphones also. Users like this operation system, the survey has shown.

I hope now you are able to upgrade your windows older version to Windows 10 using Assistive Technology for free. If you like this article, please share it on your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

23 February 2018

Step By Step To Create MultiBoot USB Drive Using XBoot

Step By Step To Create MultiBoot USB Drive Using XBoot

Sometimes problem created on CD/DVD ROM, because of it you can not setup Windows from disk. So, the solution for this problem, you can use your pen drive or USB drive to boot.  Just your pen drive have to contain bootable windows.
MultiBoot USB
So, Do you want to setup windows in your PC from USB drive?
To do this, you have to make your USB drive bootable. A free tool will need to make your USB drive bootable. There are many free tools you will find in online.  I am going to show you the process to create multiboot USB drive using XBoot. XBoot is free and easy to use. Just download and use it.

Step 1: First Download XBoot . Here you will find all the versions of XBoot. Download the latest and install it on your PC.

Step 2: Then click on File>Open. ISO files will open. Drag and drops files in the XBoot window.  Add all the files.

Step 3: Then click on Create USB.

Step 4: Select USB drive from the drop down menu.

Step 5: Select any Bootloader from the list and click on OK.

Have you executed all the steps perfectly? Your USB should be the bootable device. Here is a important fact that .NET FRAMEWORK 4.0 should be installed in your system to work on XBoot. If you don’t have, click here to download .NET FRAMEWORK 4.0 version.

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Here is the step by step video tutorial for making USB drive bootable.

How To Create MultiBoot USB Drive Using XBoot - Video

22 February 2018

Step By Step: How To Setup TFTP Server Using Tftpd32 And Tftpd64

Step By Step: How To Setup TFTP Server Using Tftpd32 And Tftpd64

For transferring any files, PC users use TFTP server. TFTP is a file transferring protocol which is the short name of Trivial File Transferring Protocol. This is the basic tool for transferring files. TFTP server can be setup using Tftpd32 and Tftpd64. This tool is very easy to use and opensource. Obviously this tool is free to use. Just download it and use it. Here, I am going to show the entire process on how to download it and use it. Let’s do step by step.
tftp server

How to Download Tftpd32 and Tftpd64

Step 1: Go to http://tftpd32.jounin.net/

Step 2: Click on Download from the left-top corner.
tftp server
Step 3: Here you will be seen all the versions of Tftpd32 and Tftpd64. The latest version will be placed on the top. And this time it is v6.4 released on 6th February 2018. Click on the direct link for Tftpd64 installer.
tftp server

Step 4: A yes or no asking box will be seen, click on Yes. The tool will be installed in your PC withing moments.

How to Setup TFTP Server in PC – Step by step

Step 1: Launch the Tftp64 software and click on Settings.
tftp server

Step 2: Unmark all the boxes without only TFTP Server under Global tab.
tftp server

Step 3: Then shift to the TFTP tab at the right. Then click on Browse to set up the Base directory. Select the folder (If you didn’t create still any, create it on your hard disk). All the files transferred by this tftp server will be stored in the folder. Then select None under the TFTP Security area. Then select the all the boxes which I have selected in the screenshot.
tftp server

Important note: When you mark the Bind TFTP to this address option, you have to choose the IP address also. For that, click on the dropdown arrow placed at the right. And choose any IP address from which are available.

Step 4: Then click on OK. A pop-up window will ask you for restarting your computer. This time also click on OK.

Step 5: After restarting you PC, lauch the program again and choose the same IP address.
Wow! You have completed all the tasks perfectly. And your tftp server is ready for using to transfer files. If your want check the tool, copy a file to the base directory folder (You have created in the above) and to access the file type tftp://your tftp server ip.
So, now I hope you have understood all the steps and you are able to setup tftp server on your PC using tftpd64. Here mind that, all the tasks are same in tftpd32 and tftpd64. If you like this article please share it on your Facebook and Twitter. Any feedback or question leave in the comment box please.

How to Restrict Drive Access for Guest Users in Windows PC

How To Setup TFTP Server - Step By Step Video Tutorial

101+ Most Popular And Top Blogs In USA [2018 List]

101+ Most Popular And Top Blogs In USA [2018 List]

List of 101 top blogs in USA for 2018, I just have made this list while I am working for my online job. These blogs are most visited in 2018 according to a search survey. All the blogs included in the list are huge amount of money making and get a large amount of daily traffic. These blogs can help the bloggers and freelancers who are searching for blogs to perform their online job.
Top Blogs In USA
Different categories like fashion, seo and others like this have been included in a row. The list is randomly decorated but all the categories are in a row. These blog sites are trending in 2018. USA and other country people read this blogs to know new something and solve their problems.

Almost all the blogs are in the list updated regularly by their team. Most of their trust score is beyond doubt. Any news, new tech or anything new they publish, people grab it first look. Most of the blogs has become like a company.  These blogs control the blogsphere of USA.

These blogs can be used for getting updates. On the other side, who are professional in blogging can increase their blogging or affiliate business by using this blog sites. Some of the sites allow to build backlinks. They can do it by ownself or they can be done by professional one. So here is the list of 101 top blogs in USA. Read them and use them.

List of Top Blogs in USA

Huffingtonpost is the most visited and popular blog in USA.  Along with the USA people a lot of people around the world read this blog regularly. So, I have started this top blogs list with this.

Top 101 USA Blog Sites in 2018
101 Popular Blogs in USA [2018]
Top Sites in USA for 2018
Most Popular Blog Sites in 2018 [USA]
Most visited Blog Websites in USA - 2018
Most Searched Websites 2018 - USA
Top Cyber Security Blogs 2018 in USA
Highest Browsed USA Blog Sites in 2018
Best Fashion Blogs in USA [2018]

I hope this list of blog sites 2018 will be helpful to them who are searching USA blog sites. Thank you for reading this article. If you like this 101 top blogs list, please share it on Facebook and Twitter.  Leave comments if you want to give any feedback of this post.

18 February 2018

How To Track Your Phone By Android Device Manager (ADM)

How To Track Your Phone By Android Device Manager (ADM)

Android Device Manager, in other names ADM is a function of finding any android device like android smartphone, android tablet or android tv. If your device is android based and somehow you lost it, you can find it. Google made Android Device Manager for making more secure to the android devices users.

Android Device Manager

Now, a question may rise on your mind, how does work android device manager? It’s not so simple. Google has a lot of satellites on the sky for serving their connection worldwide. And we all know the most communication service serves by Google. We know GPS. GPS is Global Positioning System. It’s a Google service. Android Device Manager is linked with the GPS. So Android Device Manger helps for finding the losted device using the GPS. Actually that, when Google makes any android product, they set up a GPS cheap with the device.

So, now you want to know how to track a phone by Android Device Manager? Follow the steps.

Step 1

Go to the official website for android finding https://www.google.com/android/find

Step 2

Log in to your Gmail account or Google account. If you have gmail account, that’s will be your Google account.

Step 3

Now, if your phone is active and it is connected to the internet service, you will find the phone in the website. From this website you will be able to control your phone basic tasks. Here you will find three options.

  • Ring
  • Lock
  • Erase

Choose “Ring” to make a call to the phone. If your phone may exist nearby you think, you can choose this. If you think your phone has stolen by someone bad, you can lock it by choosing “Lock”. Thriedly, you can erase you all data by choosing “Erase”.


Some pre-requisite conditions are must for executing the above three steps to know the location of the device. If you don’t have the pre-settings on your phone, your phone can not be recovered. Here these,

  • The phone is active
  • The phone is connected to the internet
  • Location reporting is enabled on your phone
  • The device is singed in with your google account

If these 4 settings are set up on your phone, then you can obviously know your phone location. If you like this article please share it on Facebook and Twitter.

15 February 2018

Bonus Stardust Will Be Given By Pokémon GO On Lunar New Year

Bonus Stardust Will Be Given By Pokémon GO On Lunar New Year

Pokémon GO announces a bonus stardust on 17th february 2018 for the Lunar New Year, in other words Chinese New Year. They twitted it on 15th february 2018 at 1.09 PM on their official twitter account. It's a great surprise for the Pokémon GO lovers in Lunar New Year. Here is the tweet.
They will give a bonus stardust who will catch the Pokémon within the event time. Niantic has taken the event.

No ending date has been given for the bonus stardust. So, users can enjoy till their next announaces. They found some problems after starting the offer, said it another tweet. Here is this and it will be solved very soon, they said.

13 February 2018

Panasonic Lumix GX9 - The Camera Makes You Real Photographer

Panasonic Lumix GX9 - The Camera Makes You Real Photographer

The well known camera manufacturing company Panasonic has just launched a new mirrirless camera named Panasonic Lumix GX9. This is the new version of GX series. It has been made by mixing the body size of GX85 and GX8. This is the awesome camera which makes a persion real photographer even who don’t know how to shoot perfectly. This camera has outstanding features to make picture better than before ever.
Panasonic Lumix GX9

Panasonic Lumix GX9 Features

This Lumix GX new version contains also the awesome feature electronic viewfinder which was in the previous version of Lumix GX.
  • Mirrorless
  • 12-60mm f3.5-5.6 lens
  • New sensor with new advantages
  • Full HD 1080p
  • LCD
  • Shot fast moving objects perfectly
  • Battery life 250 shots
  • Extend shots to 900 by Power Save LVF mode
  • Price 1000$ around

Lens of GX9

Panasonic new camera Lumix GX9 has a 12-60mm f3.5-5.6 lens which is more powerful that it’s previous version GX8.   

Shot fast moving objects perfectly

Fast moving objects can be captured by this new camera more clearly and perfectly. This advantage is more working than the other series of Lumix GX9.

Battery life 250 shots

Battery life may not be satisfying to the users who already used to Lumix GX8 and GX85. Even GX8 version contains 260 shots battery capability but the latest version of GX has only 250 shots battery life. But Panasonic has made a great solution and wondering new feature in the new version. Here is the satisfying  solution.  

Extend shots to 900 by Power Save LVF mode

You can increase the shot capability 250 to 900 just powering the battery saving mode. It has a  new battery saving mode Power Save LVF mode. This is new in Lumix GX9.

Global Price of Lumix GX9

The global and US price of Panasonic Lumix GX9 is 1000$ around.

Lumix GX9 Price in Europe

The europian price for Lumix GX9 has not fixed still. But if we converts from the US price it around 720 euros.

Lumix GX9 Price in Australia

GX9 Price for Australia is also not selected from the company. It could be 1270$ around in Australia.

Overview of Lumix GX9

If we want to make overview of GX9, all the properties of GX8 and GX85 should be included. Actually, if you are getting bored using Lumix GX8 and GX85, you can relax with the GX9 getting some new features along with the old features. 

08 February 2018

How To Restrict Drive Access For Guest Users in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

How To Restrict Drive Access For Guest Users in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Sometimes, home computers and business computers use more than one users. If your computer contains important  files and documents that should not be seen by others, you can secure these by controlling the hard drive access of your computer. To restrict drive access for other users (in other name guest users) without yourself, you have to setup some additional settings. Prevent to drives from my computer windows 8 for guest users, follow these steps.
restrict drive access

In this article, I will disscuss about the full process of How to disable drive access for other users. Let start the task.

Step by step process to restrict hard drive access

All the steps for blocking drive access are given in below. For this action, another user account is needed except administrator account. If you are the main user, your PC account should be the administrator account. And you are going to restrict drive for other users who are guest. So, another account is needed to perform the action. If you have another account already in your PC, then go to the step 8 directly and move.

How to Block Drives in Windows 7 from other users

1. Start the PC signing in the Administrative account.
2. Go to the Control panel.

3. Then find and click on User accounts.
4. Move to the Manage another accounts.

5. Then click on Create a new account ( For Windows 7 and other previous versions) or Add a new user in PC settings ( For Windows 8, 8.1 and 10).

6. A new window will open. Then again click on Add an acoount.
7. Now you will be asked to input an email address. Type your email address and hit Next. After that, you may have to input Password.

8. Open Windows explorer. This can do by clicking on This PC or My Computer.
9. Right click on the drive in which you want to protect. Then choose Properties.

10. Click on the Security tab. Then click on Edit… and Add… in the Select users and Groups.

11. But don’t worry you don’t need to find the Select users and Groups tab. This will automatically be redirected.

12. Now some blank spaces will be seen. Type the User account name by which other users will access the PC.

13. Then click on OK and Unmark the boxes says Allow which advantages you don’t make available to the guest users.
14. Then return to the desktop clicking on positive directions like OK and YES.

You just have done your expected job! Now if you want to check the action, turn of your PC and start again the PC from the guest account. This time the drive you just protected from the guest users, will not be opened.
Thank you so much for reading this post. If you like this article, please share it on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In etc. Any question or feedback, please leave in the comment box. I would like to reply.

24 January 2018

5 Unfailing Tips To Choose The Best Web Hosting 2018

5 Unfailing Tips To Choose The Best Web Hosting 2018

So, you have decided to start a new blog for making money online or other some particular reason. For making a new blog successful hosting matters a lot. Best web hosting takes a new blog ranked very quickly. And you know, Google also likes the best services of your blog. But it’s hard to find out the best web hosting provider for the newbies. Are  you confused for choosing best web hosting?

Don’t worry, you are at the right place. Today I am going to discuss 5 killer tips for choosing the best web hosting provider. Just consider these properties to select your blog hosting.
Best Web Hosting

5 Killer Tips For Choosing Best Web Hosting

Five tips are listed in below.

  • Disk Space and Bandwith Limit
  • Uptime (Availability)
  • SSL Security
  • Control Panel Accessibility
  • Customer Support

#1. Disk Space and Bandwith Limit

Try to purchase the hosting from which provider offers enough disk space and bandwith limit. Choose the hosting according to your needs. If your want make a video based website, obviously you have to select the hosting which contains enough disk space and bandwith. In other sides, if you are going to create a text information based blog, you will need the light amount if disk space and bandwith. Basically, disk space and bandwith limit should vary according to your need.

Note: To create an information, tips and tricks based blog for making money BlueHost shared hosting should be the best hosting package.

#2. Uptime (Availability)

Better uptime better reputs your blog. Uptime means your blog availability. Most of the blogs hosted in the package which charges low don’t get 99.5% uptime. Only and dedicated hosting provides 100% uptime. But these packages are very pricy. Low downtime for maintanace a blog satisfy its readers.

Note:  BlueHost Wordpress Shared Hosting provides the standard uptime that is enough and suitable for information based money making blog. If your purpose same, you should choose it.

#3. SSL Security

You know “security” has become the most important fact in the modern times for any online business. Because, hackers are always trying to hack. If a blog contains online payment method, it should be secured. For this, SSL Sertificate is must. Choose any hosting provider that offers SSL Security.

#4. Control Panel Accessibility

Control panel is the are from where you can control your website. It is vey important having control panel accessibility for choosing best web hosting provider of a blog. You can add new features and remove features from the control panel. This advantage is important to make your blog user-friendly. You will need control panel accessibility to upgrade your blog which is must. Just make sure the hosting provider you are choosing have the advantage of control panel accessibility.

#5. Customer Support

Customer support is also considerable fact to select hosting. 24x7x360 customer support availability is needed to get your answers instantly. That will help you to make your problems instantly solved. So, choose the hosting which provides 24x7 online customer support and live chat.

Note: By considering above 5 killer tips, if you are a new and going to create a blog, for host BuleHost Shared Hosting should be the best choice for you.


So, I hope now you will be able to select the best web hosting for your blog after reading the 5 unfailing tips I have listed above. Thank you so much for reading. If you have any question, please feel free to write in the comment box.

19 January 2018

HostGator Spring Sale 2018 – 60% OFF + 4.99$ on Select Domains!

HostGator Spring Sale 2018 – 60% OFF + 4.99$ on Select Domains!

HostGator has come to you with a great enjoying web hosting offer  in Spring. You ‘ll get at least 60% discount in web hosting service and just 4.99$ on select domains on HostGator Spring Sale 2017. You’ll be able to choose top level domain also like .com, .net etc.

#1. HostGator Spring Sale 2018

 60% Discount from the regular price
• Just 4.99$ on Select Domains
Top level domain
Unlimited Space
24/7 Coustomer Suport
Free SSL

#2. How can you enjoy this Hosting discount?

This hosting offer is available through a special link where I redirected the coupon code to save your time. Here is the link in below. Sign Up from the link and enjoy the spring offer.

Coupon Code Link                          Sign Up                    (Get 60% OFF from this link)

#3. Why HostGator should be the  best choice at this time?

•  Great Discount
   Reliable service provider
•  Free SSL
•  Limited time discount

#4. HostGator Coupon Code 2018

Sign Up ForHostGator (Coupon code redirected)

#5. Availabality of the HostGator offer:

The offer is available for the whole spring time. You can now purchase enjoying this offer right now.