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02 June 2018

Adsense Payment Using Western Union in Pakistan

June 02, 2018 0
Adsense Payment Using Western Union in Pakistan
Everyone is searching of a cheaper way to send money through adsense to Pakistan. We find it very costly most of the times. Let me introduce you a very simple and easy solution to the problem. Its Western Union. Yes You can now send your adsense money to Pakistan through Western Union. Your funds are picked up within minutes in most of the cases. The best part is that you you don't even need a bank account for the same purpose. Its cheap, fast and secure.  

How To Receive Adsense Payment Using Western Union In Pakistan

As we know Adsense is the best platform for publishers to earn money from their blogs, website and thousands of pakistani bloggers are using Adsense to earn money from the internet. 

If we talk about Pakistani Publisher to get payments from Adsense, then Western Union is the best way. As a Publisher you can also get payment by Cheque and Wire Transfer. Getting Payment through Cheque is quite risky. Wire Transfer usually take a longer time to reach bank. Even there are quite problems while clearing funds. Sometimes you get your money blocked from Remittance Center due to Tax Issues.  

One needs to consider all these things while transferring Adsense payments to Pakistan. Due to the issues mentioned above, nowadays the Pakistani Publisher prefer to get payment by Western Union. It is very simple and easy to take your Adsense payments through Western Union. Mostly the payment is available to pickup within a day. 

western union

Steps in getting Adsense Payment through Western Union?

I am going to mention the steps involved for the payment transfer. The process is quite simple and easy to follow. Just you need to select western union as primary payment option in your payment section, to get started with western union follow this procedure.
  1. Open Adsense account in new tab.
  2. Go to payment option and then move to Payee Profile.
  3. Click on “Add new Payment option” and choose western union from list.
  4. Enter your real first and last name in provided box, enter name you have on your national id card, remember that western union agent will never issue payment unless your WU payment name matches your ID card name.
  5. Tick the box to confirm that you have id card matches with name on your account.
  6. Now click on Save and we are done. that’s all.
When you have the goal of $100 reached in your final earnings, what happens is Google sends your payment, you can get your Western Union MTCN I payment section. You will get your money instantly in most of the cases if not within 24 hours for sure. 

18 May 2018

4 Things to Avoid When Building Links

May 18, 2018 2
4 Things to Avoid When Building Links
Building links is one of the most efficient way to boost your search ranking.
Link building may be archaic for some because of the available software that can do this job for you but SEO specialists and marketers alike still see this as an efficient tool in establishing your product or services’ digital presence. In the industry of SEO services, jobs pertaining to link building can be written off as creating spam content. While this may be true for those who stick to unethical practices, the link builders who craft quality links shy away from thisdescription. Link building is one of the most rewarding SEO services since they are a vital contribution to a website’s SEO ranking.
Building Links

The internet can be compared to a noisy marketplace where you are fed many offers with every scroll you make on a page, which can be overwhelming at times. A link that stands out is the one that contains quality content and efficient link builders use this to their advantage.

White hat SEO practices make for quality link building. Generating links requires a tactic, and like any strategy, you cannot just go into it blindly what with the penalties that Google may sanction you with.

Black hat link building is not advisable if you have long-term goals for your website. Proceed with caution and an expectation of the consequences if you opt for this method since Google can see through these ways which will result in wasted efforts and invested money will all go down the drain.

To prevent this from happening, read these tips that will help you understand the things you need to avoid when building links:

1. Buying Links

While spending money sounds like an instant answer for link building, buying links is an inefficient strategy as well as a means to get penalized. There are SEO link builders who will say that there is nothing wrong with spending money for links but truthfully, this will benefit the one who sold you the link more than it will for your site.

Google’s advertising and webmaster guidelines provide a way around the algorithm which makes paid links appealing to some, but it is still highly recommended that you avoid this strategy altogether.

Bottom line is, buying links is a bad idea because if you get caught, you will be losing more than what you have gained in your paid link. Not only is your link in danger of being cancelled but your site as well. Google’s Penguin update works in real-time which means that if you get caught using unethical practices, you will see it affect your rankings immediately.

Instead of buying links, why not invest your funds on content strategy tools and efficient marketing techniques, which will be an organic way to build links to your site.

2. Avoid Getting Low-Quality Links

Since links make up almost 75% of your website’s search engine optimization facet, it helps to have a keen eye on quality links and disavow low quality ones. These links would be sloppy and unprofessional for website visitors. You wouldn’t want to make a bad first expression, would you?

To identify low quality links, you have to look at the link’s Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). A low score on these criteria means that the sources will not amount to much in improving your site’s ranking. Find out if the website is still starting up because if you use this as a source then you probably arrive at a dead end too since there is no content to work with. Sites with low-quality content are a no-go either.

Another important identifier of a low quality link is if it isn’t Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. The web development of the site will pretty much speak for itself. As a link builder, you will know at first glance if it is not up for SEO.

Avoid acquiring backlinks from these sources by using useful tools like the Google Link Count, which you can use to check if a certain website is worth pursuing. Or you can use Moz’s Open Site Explorer which determines the quality score of a website. It ranks a website from 0 to 100 based on their link profile. If your link has an authority score that is above 25, then it is a good enough rank, but aim to get into the 50+ range for a solidified quality of your backlinks.

3. Cramming in Too Much Data

Content which contains lots of data may be tempting to publish because you might think that all of the collected data might be wasted if you don’t. But compressing too much data will just result in the reader to lose interest easily. A big chunk of info is not easy to digest so it will be even harder to entice visitors to take a bite out of it.

Only include the most insightful, interesting data points in your content, even if that means tossing aside most of the data you’ve gathered. Consider this: It shouldn’t take a publisher more than 10 seconds of looking at your project to grasp the most meaningful data points. If they can’t quickly understand that, how will their readers?

Consider publishing infographics instead or a concise text which does not take up too much of the white space of your page. Also, avoid spun content because this will make your content look like it’s spam. Spun content is when you use synonyms to replace published words to make Google think that it is a new and unique content. The repetitive appearance of a spun article is identical to black hat link building practices. It doesn’t help that there is software to spin content which makes it easy for spam to build up. Choose content wisely and categorize them according to quality.

4. Recycling Published Data

If you are going to reuse a data that has been published prior to the new idea you are going to present, make sure that it is remodeled based on new trend or it is equipped with a new spin already. Repackaging content in a new format can work well once but if you do it in a repetitive manner, then your ranking is bound to fail.

Say something new about the data and if you really need to recycle a published data, make sure that it is relevant. Find out if many people have already seen it so that you will know if it can stay relevant the way it is or you have to make a few changes to it.

While this may be acceptable, do not overdo it. You can opt to use small parts of the content and repurpose it for social media, lay it on an infographic, or anything else that will provide something new in order to give you a significant SEO boost.

Key Takeaway

Link building is a flexible job in SEO services. The strategies in building links can keep changing but you have to stick by ethical and clean practices to give your digital audience a great digital marketing experience.

These 4 things to avoid when link building will help you in being mindful of the practices in link building. Keep them in mind the next time you are building links for SEO. Good luck!

Author Bio

Adrian is a freelance writer, marketing specialist, and SEO freelancer. Adrian writes for multiple blogs and about any niches. He just started his own blog but is still in progress.


03 May 2018

Digital Innovation Secrets From The Greatest IT Leaders

May 03, 2018 1
Digital Innovation Secrets From The Greatest IT Leaders
Forward-facing organizations are realizing the need for digital innovation and are redefining the way businesses offer their services and products to their clients and customers. These organizations are revamping the complete idea around how IT works and how it delivers value to its users. The next-gen technology leaders have secrets that enable them to take on this challenging IT industry and digitally transform themselves and the competition they are in.

CIOs are of the belief that innovation does not just happen in a lightning fast manner, but only takes place when business owners structure their people and their processes in the right manner. The cornerstone of digital innovation, therefore, is employing the right paradigms and prototypes.

Businesses struggle to understand what drives innovation in the companies that are on the top of their games. Statistics tell us that only about 26% of organizations have the readiness to execute their digital strategies today. The greatest leaders of all times had some secrets of innovation. Steve Jobs is considered the greatest innovator of our times.

Here are the 7 Principles of Digital Innovation that Steve Jobs highlighted in his book “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs”-

  • Do what you love – Steve Jobs probably knew what it meant to do what one loves. People don't put in the right effort when they have no passion for what they are doing. This is what drove Apple's iconic leader to create masterpieces and tech-gadgets.

  • Put a dent in the Universe – Steve Jobs believed in out-of-the-box thinking. This is why he maintained quality and premium experiences a part of his strategy with Apple products. Putting a dent into the Universe is possible with the right innovation strategy when one knows what they are doing.

  • Kickstart your brain – Through effective mind and body balance, innovation becomes a given. Steve Jobs knew the empires of the mind and knew how to kickstart his brain into a full-fledged innovation mode.

  • Sell Dreams, Not Products – Apple's customers would swear by using its products for a lifetime after they've used them once. This is the user experience Apple sells along with its products.

  • Say No to 1,000 Things – All innovative efforts don't see the light of the day. Say no to 1,000 things that pop up in your mind and you will get your aha moment soon.

  • Create insanely great experiences – This is another pointer where Jobs talks about creating exceptional experiences for customers.

  • Master the Message – A brand should be able to communicate its message to its audiences. In a proper manner.

A great many leaders have focused on customer experience transformation when innovation comes into the picture.

Bonus: Some More Digital Innovation Secrets from Innovation Leaders Worldwide

Innovation is not just about designing the next breakthrough gadget or device. It is about transforming processes and operations in a business setting to deliver higher value and become more efficient.

A dimensional shift must take place when we talk about innovation. Companies may feel that employing java web development with emergency technologies such as Big Data, AI, and ML in their processes is a great deal. But it is not. Deriving value from these technologies and creating a perspective shift is a great deal.

Technologies can be used to capture customer experiences and learn from them. Digital innovation is worthy if it brings the value to the customer. Innovation should be tested on the parameters of how much change it can bring about in a company and how soon.

Innovation leaders constantly try and bring us back to the difference between incremental thinking and innovative thinking. Incremental thinking is when we are able to impact one or two areas of business through our ideas. Innovative thinking is when we attempt to change everything in a single go!

Digital innovation is the new normal. And organizations are in a frenzy to leverage it. According to a study, the top three drivers for digital transformation are enhancing the customer experience, increasing the speed of innovation, and improving the time-to-market.

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Author Bio

Chirag thumar is working as a senior web developers in India at NEX, NEX is leading Java web Development Company at India and USA. He runs his own company main focus Java based web application using JQuery, Struts, JSF, node.Js, spring, Ext Js, etc. He Writes about Emergency technology, Java based frameworks & tools, Innovative quotes, Social Media News and online marketing.

02 May 2018

10 Beautiful Butterfly Wallpapers HD Free Download [2018]

May 02, 2018 0
10 Beautiful Butterfly Wallpapers HD Free Download [2018]

If you need butterfly wallpapers then don't worry. Just stay with us. We have a killer suggestion for you to choose wallpapers. Just read the article carefully

The butterfly is the really expensive thing in the world. There are lots of wallpapers in the virtual life but butterfly wallpapers are really exclusive and expensive. Nowadays people want to collect exclusive wallpaper. Wallpaper collection is a kind of hobby.

Generally, we collect wallpaper for our desktop, mobile or laptop on another hand some people want to collect wallpaper for decorate their wall.

Normally we can decorate room wall by wallpaper. Wallpaper is removal thing so we can remove easily. If you rental then it’s really save our money and time. So in my personal suggest if you want to decorate your wall then use these butterfly wallpapers.

Virtual butterfly wallpapers

In virtual life maximum information is Fake. If you think that you need butterfly related wallpapers then you are in the right place. We create a website who loves butterfly wallpapers. Personally, I love this kind of wallpapers. That's why we are always wanted to try helped people who want to collect information in online. If you want to download some high-resolution wallpaper from another website then you have to pay some money for this. If you want to use high-resolution wallpaper from another website then you can get copyright issue.

So you can download high-resolution wallpaper from here. There is no copyright issue. So this website is safe for you.


In the online marketplace, all information is not real and all website does not provide real information. Even all are not trusted. If you want to check some secure website then you have to notice at some point. While you will browse a website you have to check the address bar then you will see the left URL showing HTTPS. It's a security protocol. That means this website is safe. You can you can download anything from them.

Mistrusted online market for wallpapers

In my personal opinion don’t buy wallpaper from the mistrusted market. If you input your credit card number in the mistrusted market then automatically your money will transfer from your account. It’s really dangerous thing for you. There are lots of high resolution in online available. Just go to Google and search your keyword you will get lots of wallpapers. But if you want to buy Super HD wallpaper which is 4K resolution then you can buy from Amazon. This marketplace is the trusted marketplace in online.

Butterfly Wallpapers

Butterfly Wallpapers

Butterfly Wallpapers

Butterfly Wallpapers

Butterfly Wallpapers

Butterfly Wallpapers

Butterfly Wallpapers

Butterfly Wallpapers

Butterfly Wallpapers

Butterfly Wallpapers

21 April 2018

SSC Results 2018 - Get Your SSC Exam Result With Full Marksheet

April 21, 2018 3
SSC Results 2018 - Get Your SSC Exam Result With Full Marksheet

Are you looking for SSC Results 2018 information?

Bangladesh SSC Result 2018 (10th Class) is going to declare the results in the Month of May. The board of Secondary Education is going to announce the results which are going to be announced in the month of May. As the Inter First year results and Second year results are going to announce in the last week of April and first week of May respectively, the next result will be 10th class. So the students are eagerly waiting to know their performance in the exam.

SSC Results 2018

In every year the SSC results will be released in the first week of May, This time also there is a possible of releasing the results in the month of May. Though there are some rumors that SSC board may release the SSC Results 2018 on 11th or 20th of May 2018 but it is not declared officially. So wait for the official announcement by the board of Secondary Education in Andhra Pradesh. To get latest updates about the 10th Class results visit this page regularly and know the exact date of ssc results declaration.

SSC 10th Class Examinations 2018:

Board of Secondary Education is going to organize exams for all Academic, SSC Private and General Examination from 6th May 2018. The examination is going to conduct for both English and Bangla medium students and the results will be announced for both Bangla and English medium students at once.

How to Find your SSC Results 2018

The education board website, related with the Education Ministry which is accountable for publishing the SSC results, is Fill up the form with required information and click on "Submit".

SSC Result 2018

Madrasah Board SSC Result

Dakhil Result 2018 may be published 6th May 2018. Dakhil exam equivalent with SSC Exam Bangladesh. Madrasah Education Board stated Dakhil exam manages by Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board. Bangladesh Education Board is managing by Junior Dakhil Exam, Dakhil Exam, Alim Exam applicable all show..

Technical Board SSC Result 2018

SSC Vocational Result 2018 will be found my 6th May. The Vocational examinations are managed by Bangladesh Technical Education Board. Vocational relate to Technical education. The current position of Bangladesh Vocational education is very beneficial of our practical life. So each and everybody should follow up Vocational Education. 

 SSC Vocational Result 2018

SSC and Dakhil examination finished March 2018 along with SSC Vocational Exam. The practical examination starts after the end of the written examination. SSC Vocational Result 2018 published soon. When SSC Vocational Result 2018 published then you will get this site.

Here are the following steps for finding your SSC results

Visit and select your type of examination. The type could be either SSC, Dakhil or Vocational.

  • Click on Year and select the year of result published.
  • Click for selecting the Education Board you have appeared in the SSC Exam under.
  • Type your roll in the Roll box.
  • Input to your Registration No.
  • Lastly, enter a CAPTCHA for proving you are not a machine.
  • Click on Submit and you will be able to find your result.

To get SSC Results using separate Board:

If you want to find the results based on an individual board. Visit these sites are as follows:

  • Dhaka board Website:
  • Barisal board Website:
  • Cummila board Website:
  • Rajshahi board Website:
  • Chittagong board Website:
  • Jessore board Website:
  • Sylhet board Website:
  • Dinajpur board Website:
  • Technical board Website:
  • Madrasah board Website:

What time SSC Exam Result 2018 will publish?

Finally, SSC Result 2014 published on 4th May 17, 2014, 2015 May 30, 2015, 2016 on 11th May, 2017 on 4th May and SSC Exam Result 2018 will be published on 3rdth May 2018 respectively. This year SSC result 2018 possible publish will be dated on “6th May” is the fifth month of this current year.

SSC Result 2018 Publish Date

The ministry of education has rules to publish SSC exam Result will be announced within 60 of in the exams. The BTRC played a vital role to publish whole country wise results. In this period, they have lots of pressure to publish of results because of the huge number of candidate tries to find their results within same dates. They are always trying to keep website good going for finding candidate results.

20 April 2018

God Of War 4 PS4 Release Date Declared [USA, UK, India and Australia]

April 20, 2018 1
God Of War 4 PS4 Release Date Declared [USA, UK, India and Australia]
The incredible game God of War by Sony was just awesome for the game lovers. Now here is a good news for the who are very eager to play it’s latest version. God Of War 4 PS4 Release Date has been declared by Sony. A lot of game loving players enjoyed this game in it’s first launch. So obviously it’s going to be a happy news for them.

God Of War 4 PS4 Release Date

Sony lunched God Of War first 2015 by a press conference. People liked the game so much. Then Sony launched God Of War 3 in 2016. It was also makes the players crazy to play it at the playstation. Now, in the queue the Sony is going to release a new version of God Of War which is called God Of War 4 PS4 version. Specialists predicts it’s going to be a another addicting game to the players. So, let’s have a look on it’s release date.

God Of War 4 PS4 Release Date

According to the announcement of Sony the upcoming game GodOf War 4 PS4 Release Date is 20 april 2018. That means today is the release date of this wonderful game. So, get the game and start enjoying it.

To have a look the demo of this game, keep your eye on the trailer on youtube. I hope you will like it very much.

God Of War 4 PS4 Release Date for USA

The USA people will get the game same day when it has been released. God Of War 4 PS4 Release Date for USA is the same day of the Global release.

God Of War 4 PS4 Release Date for UK

The release date of God Of War 4 PS4  is same for USA and UK. Two countries game lovers can enjoy the game at the same time. And it’s 20 april 2018.

God Of War 4 PS4 Release Date for India

A lot of game loving people are also live is India. So, God Of War 4 PS4 Release Date is also very meaningful for Indian readers. You don’t need to worry guys, release date is same for you also like USA and British people.

God Of War 4 PS4 Release Date for Australia

Like USA and UK, Australian players are also able to enjoy the game today. God Of War 4 PS4 Release Date for Australia is today.

If you like this article please leave a comment in the comment box and share it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts to inform your friends about this nice game. I hope you all will enjoy the game very much. Thanks for being here in BlogLand.

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17 April 2018

HSC Admission 2018 Circular and Application Instruction

April 17, 2018 0
HSC Admission 2018 Circular and Application Instruction
HSC Admission Will be Going To Held on May 2018. From Last 3/4 years Bangladesh Ministry of Education Take Online Application For Higher Secondary Certificate Admission. Students Who Successfully Passed SSC Exam, They Are Eligible To Apply HSC College Admission. Through This post, You Will Find The Bangladesh All College Admission Circular under Education Board. We Also Provide The Application Instruction by Online and SMS. Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid attend a meeting at Secretariat for decide HSC 2018-2019 education year. He leads the meeting.

HSC Admission 2018

The Admission Notice Will be Publish After Announcing SSC Result on 6th May. Students Can check Result From However, Authority Will Announce The Rule and Regulation Soon. Then a Combined Application Instruction Will Announce For All Colleges of Bangladesh. Though, Few College Don't Follow The government Rule For HSC Admission As Per High court Instruction. Those Colleges are, Notre dam College, Holy Cross College and Few others.

This Year HSC Admission Application Process Will be Taken by Online. The Online Application Process Will be Start After SSC Exam Result. Every Year More Than 15 Lac Students Apply For College Admission. Therefore, The Admission Circular Will be Publish For Academic Session 2018-19.

In HSC Admission 2018, No Admission Test Will be Taken by Authority. The Admission Result Will be Based on SSC Result GPA.
Each College Have Different GPA Requirement. You Can Check Each College HSC Admission 2018 Requirement From Here. However, We Will Describe The Application Process For HSC Admission.

How To Apply HSC Admission:

Students Can Apply For Colleges Admission by Online and SMS. One Students Can Apply 10 College in One Online Application Form. But They Can Apply More Than One College by SMS.

HSC Admission

Online Application: To Apply Online Application You Have To Pay First. After Compete Payment You Can Fill Up Online Application Form by Visit Now See The SMS Format For Online Application Payment.

1st message CAD <space> WEB <space> Board <space> Roll <space> Passing Year <space> Reg. No and send to 16222 2nd message CAD <space> Yes <space> PIN <space> Contact Mobile Number and Send 16222

After Complete Payment Go To Link Below and Complete Your HSC Online Admission Form Fill Up. More Details For Online Application are Found here at HSC Admission Online Application.

SMS Application Now Students Can Apply Online and send SMS By Teletalk both way. Online application fee is 150 Taka For 5 College and 120 Taka For Single College. Students have to apply by teletalk Prepaid mobile

Step One (1): Go to message option and type CAD<Space>College EIIN<space> First 2 Letter of Desired Group<space> First 3 letters of Your SSC Board<space> SSC Roll<space>Passing Year<space> Registration Number (Space) Name of Shift <space> Version send to 16222

For Quota: CAD<Space>College EIIN<space>First 2 Letter of Desired Group<space> First 3 letters of Your SSC Board<space> SSC Roll<space>Passing Year<space> Registration Number (Space) Name of Shitf<space>Version<space> Quota send to 16222 First 3 Letters of Board Name: DHA=Dhaka Borad, COM=Comilla Board, RAJ= Rajshahi Board, JES= Jessore Board, CHI=Chittagong Board, BAR= Barisal Board, SYL= Sylhet Board, DIN= Dinajpur Board, MAD= Madrasah Board

Group Key Word are Below:

First Letter of Desired Group: SC for Science, BS for Business Studies and HU for Humanities, Home Economics-HE, Islamic Studies-IS Shift Key Word Morning-M, Day-D, Evening-E, If there are no shift type N Version Key Word: Bangla-B, English-E

Quota Key Word:

Freedom Fighter Quota- FQ, Employee Child of Desired College or Education Ministry- EQ, Special Quota (Declared By Board) -SQ After Successfully completed application, Applicant will get an return SMS with win number. Step Two (2): CAD <space> YES<space>PIN Number<space>Contact Number and send to 16222. Return Confirmation SMS will get in your mobile mentioned candidate Name and Track Number Seat Alloted With 10 education board & under Open University educational year 2018-2019 all SSC passed students can get HSC Admission in 2018-2019. In 7 divisional area colleges 80% seats will be available for all students. 10% seats will be reserved for associated colleges. They will admit any student as they want. Another 10% will be divided by 3 quotas. Those quotas & seat percentage are given below:-

Quota Percentage (%)
Out of divisional area 3%
Freedom Fighter Quota 5%
Ministry of Education 2%
Hope You Find The All Information About HSC Admission 2018. If You Need Additional Information Make a Comment and We Will Provide Your Answer. We Suggest To Choice Your List Carefully. Because of You Merit list Will be Prepared Based on Your Choice List and SSC Result GPA.

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