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19 September 2018

DIY Fix for Common WordPress Problems

September 19, 2018 0
DIY Fix for Common WordPress Problems

WordPress has become a widely used platform for websites by different users online. It is a free, user-friendly, and responsive platform for online users. It also has an excellent support feature that helps most of their users in every step of the way. However, WordPress is still vulnerable to many problems and bugs that even we cannot avoid experiencing.

As you read this article, you would have an idea of what are some of the standard WordPress problems experienced by its users. As much as possible, you should be also familiar with how you can set up your site from the backend part of the site. If you do not know about it, you can contact your web developer instead.

Along with showing the common problems in WordPress, we will also give solutions for these so that you can solve it immediately! 

The White Screen of Death

Most people see this as a slow loading page, but the white screen of death (WSOD) is different. This shows no information at all, and you’re stuck with a white screen on your internet browser. PHP and database errors are manifesting as white screens.
Here are some of the causes for a WSOD:

     Exhausted memory
     Incompatible Plugin
     Your website’s theme
Exhausted Memory
Exhausted memory can cause many errors in your website. It’s always a better solution to increase the limit of your allocated memory. You can do this by opening your we-config.php., find the main tag then add this snippet of code:

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);

64M is the standard storage size for most servers in WordPress because it is server-dependent. You can also go for 96M and even as high as 256M, but 64M is the safest size for your website.
Most plugins are incompatible to websites, which causes an overall error to your site. You can avoid this by removing this plugin and finding another one that is compatible to your site and relatively newer.

If you can access your site’s dashboard, you can quickly deactivate these plugins you installed. If you cannot, you can access those using an FTP client. Just access the plugin folder in wp-content/plugins and rename all plugins folder to plugins-test. This will disable, not remove, your plugins. From there, you may now look at each plugin in your folder and rename it to its original name to check if it is a factor to your site’s problem. You may ask for help from your web developer if you are not knowledgeable on these processes.
The last thing to look at your site is the theme. Make sure that your theme is coming from a trusted site for themes. Most themes give malware and other problems to your site.

WSOD is common for many users who just had a new theme for their site, which turns out to be also incompatible. You may log in to the administration screens and activate the default theme. If you can’t do this, you may access your site using FTP client.

One solution is deleting your themes folder, but save a backup of your theme folder first. If it solves your WSOD, check your functions.php file and ask the author for possible coding problems for your site.

Another solution is debugging through PHP. You can start by opening your wp-config.php, then search for this line:

define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);

Type two forward slashes in this line to disable it. After that, paste this code above the //define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false); line:

define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);
define(‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true);
define(‘WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY’, false);

After that, it will generate an error log and will show every PHP error in the site. This will help you in knowing the problem, or you can send this to your developer for further debugging.

Internal Server Error

Usually called 500, some processes commonly cause this error in your WordPress installation. Some of the causes are coming from an exhausted memory, incompatible plugin, or faulty theme. Besides these, bad .htaccess and error in establishing database connection are the other common problems to have a 500.
Bad .htaccess
If your .htaccess is corrupted, it can be the main problem. You can fix this by accessing your FTP client. You should have enabled hidden files viewing. After that, search for your .htaccess and change its name to .htaccessTEST.

After this, go to settings in your WordPress dashboard then go to permalinks and pick other option from your past choice. This enables you to make a recent version of the file.
Error Establishing Database Connection
You would want to know if there has been a change with your database login details. Corrupted database files can also be a problem caused by a hack attack or just a defective part of the database. Also, the server of the database can be down for some reason, since the server for your site and the database is different. Lastly, too much traffic on your website can make your database unresponsive due to the high volume of people visiting the site. It can help when your web hosting service provider can provide support on other devices, not only on the desktop.

These are just a few of the common errors experienced by WordPress users, and there are a lot more problems they can encounter. Fortunately, the WordPress codex is available for everyone to check with and consult. For preventive measures, we recommend that you regularly backup your site and seek an expert when dealing with code-related problems.

If the problem comes from your theme, it might be easier to find a better theme. There are a lot of theme providers where you can find easy, fast, and simple themes for WordPress.

Now that you’re equipped with the basics, you've got what it takes keeping your website up and running.

About the Author

Kenneth Sytian is a Wordpress Developer from the Philippines. He has been designing websites and developing web apps for more than a decade. His no-nonsense approach to design coupled with his vast creativity is a winning combination for his clients.

16 September 2018

Cash on Delivery Service In Pakistan

September 16, 2018 0
Cash on Delivery Service In Pakistan
cash on delivery
Cash on Delivery service is a most powerful and trendy service in Pakistan. People use this service for personal use and some people who have business on small scale use it for product sending to buyer.
People in Pakistan like to purchase products online from best ecommerce website while purchasing they use Cash on Delivery service. Cash on Delivery is a best way to deliver a product, buyer can check out their product easily and after satisfaction they will pay you. They will pay you by hand easily instead of paying through debit/credit card.
We have some good information that will show you best Cash On Delivery service in Pakistan and save your time for searching about this service. So, people who want to start their business on small scale can send their product easily.
This post not only show you about prices, services etc. But it also shows you what people say about this service. It makes easy to take decision for your business if you want to provide Cash on Delivery Service.

I am not going to talk about any specific Cash On Delivery Service Provider here but I will share some cash On Delivery services as per my practical experience. Product delivery time depend on your location and vary city to city.

An Overview Of Cash On Delivery Service Providers In Pakistan

1.  Call Courier

Call Courier is a new Cash On Delivery service provider in Pakistan. It's a great idea of young people mind who want something new with best quality and fast service.  My experience has been really great. The staff of Call Courier is very quick in setting your account and also provide other services quickly.
Clients are happy with this service and reported that, they are really appreciated this quick service we receive our product packages in small villages/ cities within 2 days. In the main city people receive their packets in one day.
cash on delivery

Payment Method:
You can pay via cheque and your payment processed within 2-3 days easily without any trouble. After that you will receive an SMS when your payment is sent.

2. Leopards 

Leopards is Another decent Cash On Delivery service provider in Pakistan. It is also known as cheapest and quick service providing company. Account opening process is very simple you just need a few documents and go to Leopards local  office they will process it fast and easily. 


·         Delivery of your product by air or land is very secure and fast.
·         Handling your issues very quickly and safely.
·         No packet/ product lost. Always provide fast and assures delivery system.
·         Cash will be paid on delivery of your packet.
·         Customer account  management  is also a responsibility of company.

·         Weight limit is just 35kg no more.

Delivery of Shipment 

Delivery of shipment will be settle within working 2 days. Leopards shipments not charged more than 30.00 Rupees on an order. If anyone charging you more than 30,000 Rs so be careful.

Tariff Charges on Cash On Delivery

Rates we have mentioned below will be applied for 6 months after creating your account.


Within City
Zone A- Major
Nationwide Locations
Zone B- Other
Nationwide Locations
More than 500 grams
Between 501 gram to 1KG
Rs. 195.00
Rs. 235.00
On each Additions KG
Rs. 175.00
Rs. 180.00

Some People are confused about Zone A and Zone B. So, check it below and also check the charges about zone.
Zone A:
·    Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Multan, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Rahim Yar Khan, Sukkur, Gujarat, Bahawalpur,  Gujranwala, Peshawar.
Zone B:
·         Nationwide Locations

Some Materials are not Acceptable for Transmission in Leopards

Things/Materials which are not acceptable in Leopard Logistic are. Jewelry, Currency, Antique, Liquor, Stamps, Drugs, Precious materials,  works of art, Precious Stones, Fire arms, Plants, Animals, Obscene and pornographic material  etc. Some other Materials which are restricted by  IATA and ICAO Organizations.

·         GST will be applied as Law and Fuel Surcharge also be applied.
·         If Flyers are also included then shipment will be charged more. For small Flyer Leopard will  charge Rs  15.00 and for large flyer Rs 25.00 will be charged.
Leopard has lot of followers on Facebook with 5 star review. It is also an easy and quick Cash On Delivery service with normal rates as compared to TCS. 

3. TCS

TCS is also known as best and widely  COD service in Pakistan. The company work great when it works with COD before this it has no positive reviews. People are annoying in past due to delayed packages and difficult to create user account, these are reasons.  People who have business on small scale never want to choose it as a  COD service.

Although,  I personally believe that their service highly dependent on your Location. I see so many people are saying that TCS COD is not good in Lahore, Islamabad and other cities. As compared to Leopard people love it and they have no negative reviews about it.

You can try it may be you have different experience. If you have some good experience or bad please share with us in comment section below.

4. Swift Courier

Swift courier is a company of young entrepreneurs who are working in tech for 4 years and empowering his country with synergy.
 Swift courier make people life easy and save their time with best results. It is a best and quick service who providing a COD service until it is a Local COD.
Feature Of Swift Courier.
·         Providing service for heavy and large items.
·         Transfer your Product safely and secure.
·         Delivery in Worldwide.
·         Delivery within 24 hours.
·         Fast and able to track your delivery.
Swift Courier is a best Cash On Delivery service. They are providing different services like Courier Service, Food Service, Lunch Service and international Shipping.
An important thing shipping charges more than 3000 are not acceptable.

5. Blue-Ex

Blue-Ex is almost a new cash on delivery company which is standing in market with decent features.
It is almost a company of people who sells their goods and earn money. If buyer not paying Cash On Delivery then the product will return to the seller and sometime voucher will be cancelled on door step and send you a notification via mobile system. Payment of customers will be collected via cheque, cash or money order. 
I see people are happy with this service as compared to TCS. Blue-Ex is a modern company with quick service and has a largest and strong network across Pakistan.
We are hopeful it will do best in future in COD  market.

so this was quite an overview of the cash on delivery structure and service providers in Pakistan.

13 September 2018

GetResponse Vs Leadpages Vs Unbounce: Landing Page Builder Comparison:

September 13, 2018 0
GetResponse Vs Leadpages Vs Unbounce: Landing Page Builder Comparison:
There exist various tools out there that can accommodate you build landing pages. Not any of these tools are extraordinarily helpful besides the tools such as GetResponse, Unbounce, and Leadpages etc.
If you have a website and you strive for it to be greatest, then you must have the best landing page for that. There is the plenty of software accessible in the market that will accommodate you with the attractive and right landing page.
To be quite equitable, the GetResponse vs Leadpages are one of their varieties of software which are highly suggested by the experts.

What Is A Landing Page?

In online marketing platform, a landing page, occasionally associated as a "lead capture page" or a "Lander", or an "objective page", is an exclusive web page that resembles in rejoinder to clicking on a search engine optimized.
Or in simplistic concepts, you can say

A landing page is a standalone web page that can hold knowledge concerning a lead magnet, e.g. a design, record, or a video.

Why Should I Design Landing Pages And Why It’s So Important to have a Landing Pages?

The powerful fundamental aspect of any company or any stock is its website’s landing page. In this digital epoch, the companies are converging on building up the page that will determine more concerning their services and their objective. The companies accumulate visitor’s data in various ways or by requiring them to fill the visitor’s form.
 To build your website resolutions, you require to do stuff adversely. You can’t distribute ads all over your sites to develop your ad revenue. It doesn’t matter if you want to expand your ad sales or products; you need to have dedicated pages if you desire to see high conversion rates.
  • ·        Landing pages furnish you more conversion rates than ordinary web pages on your blog or website.
  •     They present your browsers less disturbance so you can concentrate on building your conversions by implementing them fewer options.
  •         They are visually digestible.
  •       For increasing the sales of particular products, create landing pages, you can quickly boost your sales. 
  •            Construct a homepage, advance the product you want, including the links and you are done

What Is The Purpose Of GetResponse?

GetResponse is an email marketing software cum landing page builder cum webinar apparatus which utilized by millions of marketing specialists global. It permits you to generate a valuable marketing list of candidates, co-workers, and consumers, so you can acquire relationships with them and build a responsive and profitable customer base as compared to lead pages.

Why Should You Perform With Getresponse?

Whether you understand it or not, getresponse awards you a user-friendly editor for Landing Pages, which enables you to generate 500 custom landing pages for your email marketing needs. When you aspire to develop your landing page with getresponse, then you will get more than 100 templates for that. When you are concluded with building the Landing Page, then with the single click, you can yield it or transfer it Live as well.

What About Their Pricing?

Getresponse essential landing pages are incorporated with the 30-day free trial and Monthly payment plans are bracketed by list size, beginning at $15 per month for limitless messages to up to 1,000 subscribers.

What Does Unbounce Intend To Do?

Bouncing is entertaining for youngsters, but for grown-up internet marketers, it can mess with your conversion rate. Unbounce is one of the greatest landing page creating developers that accommodates you quickly build high converting landing pages without any prior technical facilities. Their A/B testing feature and lead generation tools execute Unbounce more interesting.

How Should You Create Unbounce Landing Page?

You can consolidate your landing page with any analytics software or website that you aspire. Be it the CRM software similar to Hubspot, Zoho or Salesforce, be it any marketing software like Infusionsoft, Hubspot or Marketo, the Unbounce is well equipped with the third party software.

Here are several astonishing characteristics of Unbounce landing page builder.

Drag and drop feature lets you design landing pages surprisingly quickly
Mobile responsive templates
Exceptional design features to accommodate you build high converting landing pages
Unbelievable lead generation tools to assist you to build opt-in forms effortlessly

What About Their Pricing?

The prices of Unbounce are $49 individually month and they can be renewed on the monthly or annual basis. Antecedent to purchasing the monthly or annual plan, the software extends you a free trial for a month. The package can be acquired online efficiently as per your choices.

What Means LeadPages?

GetResponse vs Leadpages , As compare to GetResponse, Leadpages, as the name implies, is a lead forming platform which incorporates the peculiarities like split testing, easy to view analytics, mobile responsive landing pages, stunning opt-in forms etc.
The templates by leadpages are very user-friendly with approximately 70 designs on the Landing page. No matter which equipment you use, he will be capable to log in to his website while using the leadpages template.

Even if you do not have any HTML coding experience, you can yet edit the page.

Why Should You Consider LeadPages?

Leadpages software is recognized for its uniformity in composing stunning landing pages. They are 100% mobile tender landing pages which also operate effortlessly on iphones, ipads, and Android devices. The software has inbuilt appliances that enable it to get the insights automatically. You can quickly get the page views, conversion ratios, etc with the leadpages optimized landing page. So, it does not matter that what variety of marketing campaign you are managing; you can effectively evaluate the outcomes.

What About Their Pricing?

The packages for the leadpages begin from $22 each month. It may seem inexpensive, but it is not economical with the quality for assured. You get three packages at the leadpages for the landing page software. Judge as relevant for you and your business tasks. Leadpages also grants you a month’s free trial.

09 September 2018

How To Make Money With Stock Photography

September 09, 2018 0
How To Make Money With Stock Photography
Photography is a very crowded space, with tons of shutterbugs contributing their services for every single genre and price scale. Nevertheless, with the right amount of allegiance and creativity, there’s no suspense that you’ll ensure enough commissions to make a living – at least a proper one, at the origin. You also have the Internet on your side. Today, it’s easier than ever to create a stunning photography portfolio and promote it online to attract more clients. So what’s the missing ingredient here? You must some actionable plans to originate turning shots into cash.
If you have been interested in making money by selling your wondrous photographs online so here we going to discuss respecting stock photography. First of all, we should conscious the Term which is "Stock Photography" that what is that and for what we are used for.
So let's get the ball rolling to learn about it.

What Is The Purpose Of Stock Photography?
Stock  Photography is the special concept which assigns to a supply of fashionable photographs that can be designed and authorized for particular excellence. It is a satisfied stock of various portfolio of photographs where tons of people associate who require to use photos and images every day and night approaching websites, publications, advertisements, web ideas & advancement, graphic designs and other various purposes.

How To Earn Money With Stock Photography Sites Online?
As we have known the term Stock photography now let's discuss that how we should get started. If you are an Expert in photography and want to share your stock with the whole world. So here are some ways which can definitely help you 

Photograph Small Markets:
A business outwardly a website is ample enough like a weekend outwardly a lie-in. Restaurants, hotels, yoga instructors: they all have an online platform that they need to fill with beautiful images. This is where you come in an attempt to photograph their stores, departments or organisations. How do you find them? First and foremost, an exceptional life. Take a hike around your neighborhood and articulate to business owners in an informal way about what you do, and how you can help them attract more clients with astonishing photos. Bring a tablet or a computer to show your online portfolio, as some people want to see visuals rather than explanations. Don’t neglect the online realm. Many businesses in your area are likely to look for a photographer on Google.

Exchange digital or calligraphic copies of your work:
Everybody admires artistic photography. For ages, the chance to acquire a piece of art was confined to a little circle of well-off individuals or companies. In the 21st century, more and more companies are extending high-quality shots at a very reasonable demand, from just a dozen to a few hundred bucks. But why should you go through a re-seller when you can market your pieces yourself?

Exchange your photographs on stock websites:
If you have a sizable portfolio of photographs, you should reconsider selling them on stock sites. These platforms assume millions of pictures and videos and exchange them to businesses, marketing agencies and media. In return, the photographers earn a commission every time their work is downloaded. The amount per download depends on the program, the variety of arrogance and many other factors. In all instances, the price is still low, so if you want to make money, you should bet on quantity and regularly upload fresh content.

Exchange photos to magazines:
Did you remember? Likewise, then 7,000 printed magazines are currently in dissemination in the U.S. only. And we’re not even discussing of the innumerable online publications. since a magazine never goes without images, you have a huge reservoir of commissioned works waiting for you. For photographers, the work goes from covering an event to shooting portraits for an interview or using your existing content as illustrations. Working for magazines requires you to build a network and make yourself a star in the industry. So it’s highly recommended to begin pettily and target local and provincial publications first, before moving out to the big brands.

Edit and retouch:
From a model who aspires to raise those slight imperfections to a hotel owner who needs their resort to look a little sunnier, many people would pay to get their photos retouched. If you’re gifted with a brush and a lasso it’s an open door for you to make some extra bucks. You can efficiently act from domicile, at any moment of the day (or night), making it a perfect side-activity for a photographer. Before starting, just create a new section on your photography website, where you’ll distribute some videos explicating how you can transform a very traditional shot into a jaw-dropping image.

Conduct photography trips and seminars:
You recognize your hometown as similar to the back of your hand? You might desire to think of growing a tour guide. But not any tour guide: a photography tour escort. Mass tourism has directed off a lot of people those days, and vacationers are constantly on the look for more trustworthy experiences. You can offer to manage them within the maze of your city and prepare them how to photograph it properly.

From Which Photography Websites You Can Make Money?
There is the number of websites on the internet. From which you can make money with stock photography. Every website has its own strict rules for the submission of images because of copyright issue. Guidelines for getting start sessions and suitable commission charges on each picture sold because of copyright issue.
Here we modernize a listing of most valuable and successful stock photography websites that really work on the payment per download and your commission rates will be extended if your photos get sold more and more.
  • 500px Prime.
  • SmugMug Pro.
  • Shutterstock.
  • iStockphoto. ...
  • Shutterfly
  • The photographer’s Gallery
  • Etsy
  • Dreamstime
  • Fotolia
  • Freedigitalphotos
These are the top 10 websites where you can register for free and can enhance your photography rating high in the marketplace on the internet. But you should remember the acceptance of photos there very tough because every day millions of applications knocking them also expertise hold the market quite contentious. You have to try multiple times for being approved your photos but don't give up just try as much as you can. You will definitely get the fruit of your hard work.

Enough Probabilities Of Earn By Selling Photographs?
The uncomplicated answer to that question, it generously depends upon you, especially how many photographs will get approved and how frequently it goes onward for marketing.
Occasionally, payment per download proffers you a few cents if it gets sold via a subscription but you remember the pence can immediately be upgraded.  Fascinating websites pay more for photographs if you can touch on several levels of downloads.

How You Will Get Paid:
Each and every stock photography website has their own rules and guidelines to pay a member when it comes to the action. Ordinarily, you will have to approach a minimum payout level such as $50 or $100 or more to request a withdrawal state.
Utmost of the sites explicitly pay you out by a variety of systems such as PayPal, bank transfer or cheque. These figures will have to adhere to your local address and the company’s plateful states around the globe.

05 September 2018

How To Recover A Deleted Facebook Account

September 05, 2018 1
How To Recover A Deleted Facebook Account

Facebook is a social network where people connect to all other world. They become friends, share their ideas, Send videos etc. Sometime it's an enjoyable thing. People use it without caring about time. When people are using Facebook they don't know how many time they have spent. Mostly people open/Login their Facebook account again and again to check about any notification or messages.
It makes people dishearten and frustrate. So, People delete their Facebook account and enjoy their freedom and loneliness. But after a time  deleting their account they always ask  experts how to recover deleted Facebook account or is there any way to restore their account back?
When you delete your account people can't see your profile and can't search you on Facebook. Facebook system take 90 days to delete all information or things you have posted , like Photos and status updating  etc. Facebook delete all your backup system data.

Sometime, some things you do on Facebook are not deleted permanently. Because they are not  stored in your account. For example when you send a message to your friend but after deleting your account it remain safe in your friends account. That information remain safe in your friends account. Because they are not stored in your backup system.

You can recover your deleted Facebook account again. Because Facebook developer made it easy for user to restore their account easily. You need to Follow these steps and restore your account.

Steps To Recover a Deleted Facebook Account
Step 1:
Visit Facebook Homepage 

Step 2:
Enter the e-mail and password in the email and password tap  of the account which you already deleted.

Step 3:
Click on Login button. If Account login works then its good. In other case,  it means that your account is permanently deleted from Facebook. Now you have two choices which are mentioned below.

Two Options
·     You can Contact to Facebook Customer support and ask them How To Recover Deleted Facebook Account.
·      When you delete your Facebook account , Facebook  gives you an option if you come back before 14 days and login your account. Then your all backup data remain safe and you can activate your account and enjoy it again.

But if you not come back then you will not login your account. Your account will be deleted permanently and there is no way to recover your Facebook account again.

You Can Read More about 

Best Social Media Tips For E.Commerce

Why You Should Not Design A Website Yourself 

How To Start A Blog In 2018

04 September 2018

The Seven Most Important Vlogging Success Factors

September 04, 2018 0
The Seven Most Important Vlogging Success Factors

Every beginner Vlogger wants his YouTube channel to be successful, bring a good income and become a source of pride. For this, you need viewers, attendance, an audience that will be delighted with what you are shooting and, most importantly, will be grateful to you. Many successful YouTube Vloggers recommend creating, in the first place, quality, unique and necessary to people content. However, what to invest in this content is still an open question. Below are the factors that directly or indirectly affect the success of any vlog on YouTube.

1.Video Quality.

It's no secret that today the quality of video plays a huge role. Today, the audience is very demanding. So, first of all, I would like to start with the fact that for the success of your vlog you need excellent video quality. And for this, you will need the best youtube camera. The choice of camera depends directly on what you will shoot. If we are talking about vlog, then any amateur DSLR is suitable for this purpose. Which cameras do we not recommend buying? 
Old fashioned cameras or camcorders Of course, they have a few advantages, for example, a smooth zoom or good autofocus, but let's be honest, they are outdated.
Canon cameras. Cameras from Canon, are probably the best choice for shooting vlogs. A lot of popular vloggers on YouTube recommend them. I will not go into details, but believe me, these are really decent cameras. Look at least at 80D, GT7 X Mark II, T6i. I'm pretty sure you'll find a lot of trusted reviews on them. 
Nikon cameras. Nikon makes excellent cameras. But, alas, not for video. With autofocus in the video, Nikon has a complete nightmare, so do not recommend their cameras for vlogs and for video. 
Action cameras. No, and again not for several reasons. The most important thing is that the angle of shooting is too wide and there are big distortions. The rest - no flip screen, poor video quality in the low light, it's impossible (in 90% of cases) to connect an external microphone, terrible quality of the built-in microphone.
Next, I would like to talk about human factors.

2. Honesty.

Getting rid of lies. Such a simple principle, but at the same time, effective. All world top vloggers make a video about the life, about what interests people, about what is relevant to them. As a result, they inspire viewers trust and quickly expand the circle of their audience.

3. Openness.

All vloggers are divided into several types. Some know a lot but share information very, very reluctantly. Others - they know a lot and are willing to share information. Still, others do not know anything (at certain stages), but they also willingly share information, as a rule, with the one that the second-category vloggers shared with them, or with their own tests and mistakes. Openness and the desire to help people is the key factor. Pay attention, altruists who make content for the sake of the interests of other people, without demanding anything in return, are usually surrounded by a broad and loyal audience. And, on the contrary, beginners who make only second-class videos about affiliate programs impregnated with the desire to earn a maximum of fifteen random visitors, are unlikely to be able to claim the confidence of viewers.

4. Authority.

Honesty and openness create the basis for another factor - the authority among viewers. Authority never appears at once, it is an inertial factor, which manifests itself, at least, a year after hard work on the channel. Suppose there is a new player on the market with an attractive but unknown product, high quality of service and a seductive affiliate program. What do you think, whose recommendations will be followed by the audience: an unfamiliar beginner, or a well-known blogger with authority and reputation, whom they constantly watch and trust? The answer is obvious.

5. Willpower.

Anyone needs a willpower, especially for vloggers to not to break down at the initial stage and overcome difficulties. As well as at later stages, in order to develop further. In addition, willpower is the only motivating factor when there are no other motivating factors. It involves perseverance and patience, and therefore willpower can be considered one of the most significant factors in vlogging.

6. Purposefulness.

To achieve success, any person should have a goal. According to the experience of successful vloggers, it can be said that the more noble and altruistic the goal, the easier it is to succeed. For examples, you do not need to go far. Imagine that there is vlogger, who set out to help beginners to understand object-oriented programming as quickly as possible, and there is a competitor who aims to get as much money from visitors as possible and, preferably, in record time. But we know that miracles do not happen. Earn in the end will be both, but the audience will give a preference for someone who wants to help, and this is entirely natural. No less important is that it is not enough to set a goal, you need to work hard to achieve it.

7. Intelligence.

Vlogging is a game for intellectuals. Whatever path you choose: an independent and unique idea or competently copied the higher the level of your intellect, the better the material you get at the output. Please note that the videos of successful vloggers look always easy and interesting, no matter how large and how they were created.


The factors listed in the article, of course, are not complete. There are many others that directly or indirectly also affect success. These include tenacity, efficiency, flexibility and many others. However, without these seven, one can hardly expect loyalty to the audience, its trust and constant growth.

16 August 2018

Sell Online Like a Rockstar: Best Social Media Tips for E-commerce

August 16, 2018 0
Sell Online Like a Rockstar: Best Social Media Tips for E-commerce

Beginner entrepreneurs are utilizing social media platforms in promoting their products, services, and brand because of the accessibility and handy features to market. Most of the time, they will post content on those platforms and let their friends, family, and colleagues share their post for a number of times, and even tagging them in those posts.

Learning the right steps and ways to promote your business on social media sites will turn into more competitive results. It should be aided with correct planning and tools for maximum results.

Social media is one of the most widely used channels for marketing your business online. It is also accessible for your customers since only a mobile device is needed to enter your social media pages. Being informed about the different techniques and mechanisms inside social media marketing can generate more sales online for you. Social media will test your creative skills since it focuses not on what the product is and its characteristics, but how unique and innovative you are in selling your products.

Defining Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is the technique of publicizing and selling your products and services through the application of different social media websites. As a businessman, you need to be acquainted with various strategies, paid or unpaid, for your store's path towards success.

Different brands can tap different social media platforms depending on their marketing plan and needs to project success for their business. Most of the audiences are leaning towards using Facebook and Twitter more because it is common among them.

Boost Your Online Sales using Social Media Marketing Tactics

1. Produce Fascinating Content Frequently
One way to make your audience grow over time is to post content consistently. Studies suggest that the people you reach react differently concerning the number of times you post. Not only should you figure out how frequent you should release content, but it is also vital to consider the time of posting. You can compare strategies with your competitors and even use their data as a point of reference.

There is an optimal period to post on each channel. To aid you to post content, you can investigate scheduling your posting times which you can do with Hootsuite and Buffer. You simply connect it to your internet browser and your social media accounts, and they will do the work for you. These apps can help save efforts in accomplishing your social media strategies.

2. Encourage Personal Marketing with the Help of Customer Reviews
Building trust and awareness for your services and products through customer product reviews is a unique and effective technique in boosting your overall company sales.

To do this, you can start linking your social media accounts with each other. Then, publish the reviews made by various customers to your pages. This kind of postings can pique your customers' attention since most of the customers nowadays are putting trust in online reviews, which can turn into trying your product or service.

3. Generate Content Bits for Your Social Media Pages
You may start in observing and learning your target market's activity while browsing their social media. Look when they are browsing, it may be during their way to work, during a brain break, or even when killing time when their TV shows are showing commercials.

Those in-between tasks have something in common: it is only a little amount of time. You can capitalize on this opportunity by producing and generating content bits or quick contents. This is a fresh way to capture your audience's attention while not eating a lot of their time. Snapchat is a perfect channel for this kind of content since it has been an avenue for brands to show advertisements and promotions between one to ten seconds.

4. Start Engagement with Twitter Through Twitter Chat
You need to build ways to trigger engagement between you and your audiences. The users that follow your Twitter and your business sales will raise because of this strategy. A great example of this is organizing a Twitter Chat. It should be as frequent as possible to be visible to your market, in your case you can do it weekly.

Partnering with a pre-existing Twitter chat lets you engage with an established audience. You can also organize your own Twitter chat, but it will need more work since you need to establish a set of audience for this. Over time, you can recruit new people, and you can gradually establish your brand on the platform.

When you start your Twitter chat, you can try using a hashtag for every session and let your users include these in their responses to the Twitter chat. This helps in your branding and makes the people familiar with this practice. It also allows you to search the chat later for a recap.

To know more about how you can leverage the full potential of Twitter, here’s a helpful guide about Twitter Marketing from Shopify.

5. Organize an Online Contest on Pinterest
There are many strategies you can investigate to make advertising more creative. For example, on Pinterest, you can start a contest or an online treasure hunt for your customers. First, you will have to contact your partners or influencers and ask them to pin different images on their Pinterest boards. These images will serve as clues as to where the next image is.

You start the hunt by posting about the game with the link to the starting point. Participants who finish the treasure hunt successfully are redirected to where they can enter an exclusive raffle.

6. Make Contents Effortless to Share
Putting social media logo buttons that link to share the content in your social media site is an important element in increasing the chances of your site going viral. This can basically increase business sales and website visits. Ensure that your buttons for various social media platforms are available and easy to find on your site.

You can also make those buttons match your site’s design to have a more cohesive aesthetic. You may also turn back to its original colors when your visitors are not utilizing the share buttons.

7. Associate Trending Topics in Your Content
Engaging and reaching new people and audience with your posts are achievable by aligning your content with trends that are relevant now. If you pay attention to news and hashtags, you might find an opening to incorporate it into your content or to make a pun out of it to pique your audience’s attention.

8. Feature Your Popular Posts
When you are trying to engage with your audience through your social media profile, you are not just spreading awareness. Your social feed also checks you through your content and posts.

You can opt to change your cover photo to a more eye-catching design. You could also link your site in your bio, in the “about” section, or on your profile. Another way is to feature your best post or “pin” it on your profile. Choose a post that had a good response from your audience, so they can see the generated interaction instead of that post getting buried.

9. Convert Your Instagram Account into a Business-related One
Since Instagram is a highly visual platform, it is challenging for businesses to link back customers to their products. Make your Instagram shoppable, and it will surely boost your sales. It is necessary to create attention-grabbing and high-quality photos to promote your products. A high-quality and high-resolution product image will effectively showcase its features.

You should also put the product “tags” on your posts. Upon clicking these tags, users can see its price and specifications. These tags make it easier for people to learn more about the product and eventually, buy it.

A compelling social media marketing should involve a well-planned strategy, perfectly written content, scheduling product-related posts, and on-time and seamless execution. Unleashing the

the maximum potential of social media marketing is more than just focusing on the brand, but it is knowing and engaging with your audience.

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Juliette Anderson is an Outreach Community Specialist for an e-commerce fulfillment company that specializes in partnering with online sellers who have an average parcel weight of 5+ pounds or greater. She works hand-in-hand with e-commerce stores to achieve optimal sales for four years already. Her specialty lies in social media marketing and paid promotions.