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Privacy Policy

Last updated : 2/28/2016

BlogLand is a knowledge based blog. I started it just for sharing informations what I know about blogging and programming.

You should know that TechNet collects only subscribers email who are willing to share.  TechNet can assure you about the emails privacy. I don’t share these email with others and. I don’t send any spam messages to these emails.

What informations BlogLand collect:

Name and Email are collected if the visitors are interested to share with . When you browse this blog you may be asked to subscribe. Here you’ve to input these informations if you’re willing to join. Otherwise, you can avoid it and can enjoy this blog anonymously.

What is the use of your informations:

TechNet only use these emails to send the updated informations about this blog to the subscribers. We just take your opinions to improve this blog through this email subscription.

How we protect emails: fully protect the subscribers email. Emails are not shared anywhere out of this by us.

What about Third Party Links:

We use third party link if need. In this case, their privacy policy will be applicable for these links.

Use of Cookies:

We use cookies just for send a small file to your browser about our site informations.

If you've any question or opinion about out blog, send us an email. We're waiting eagerly for you.

Email : 

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