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About Me

Hi friends,

Welcome to BlogLand.info. I started this blog only to help the new buddies by presenting the latest blogging tips. I also write here about how to make money online in detail and effective ways.

About the BlogLand:

BlogLand is a necessary information, tips and tricks based blog. It serves knowledge about various things. It contains a total WordPress solution, total blogger solution, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips and make money online ways.

This blog contains solution of any problems in detail with pictures so it helps the readers to understand all the steps properly. I always try to make the blog more advanced so that still I am reading popular blogs.

Actually, I started this blog just for sharing my knowledge with others who are searching exclusive tips to learn about blogging, make money tips and programming. I provide blogger and wordpress both of the popular blogging platforms.

Programming is the backbone of now-a-days technology. Understanding the importance of programming I try to show the ways to learn it. I am writing on C language now. Next, I’ll learn the other necessary languages. If you complete C, you can learn other languages with in some days.

About me:

I’m Shahid Saifullah, a professional blogger who takes blogging as a passion. I've educational background in Computer Sciences as i love this area to study & done Master's In Computer Sciences from University of Balochistan. Actually I’m very interested in Blogging because it’s a very independent work and I like independence very much.

I want to go far with this blog. I write here what I know and I try to serve anybody who are interested to know. I’m very free mind person, so please don’t think 2nd time to ask me a question because I’m always ready to answer for you.

Thanks for reading this blog. If you’ve any question, you can ask freely to me. Just drop a email here…

Email : shahidsaif62@gmail.com

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