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04 November 2018

The Most Beautiful Places In Pakistan

natural beauty of pakistanNatural beauty attracts everyone.  It doesn't matter a person is living on which  part of the world but he/she loves nature. Pakistan is a country rich with beautiful places by nature . But it's very unfortunate to say that the natural beauty of Pakistan is not shared with the world properly. In other words people around the world haven't explored this country yet. The Pakistan Government has not promoted the tourism in such a way as it should be is the major reason behind the failure of tourism / tourists in the country.
Nature is a powerful witness and witness to the greatness of God's creation, plants in their colors, petals, beautiful huge and small mountains, birds of prey and other domesticated, fire and sedimentary rocks, salt seas, fresh lakes with rolling waves, high mountains, plains, small plateaus, Thunderstorms, lightning, thunder, snow and cold, deep oceans, strong waterfalls, attractive beaches, thin flowers and lush trees. It is limited to the magnificence and grandeur of this creator who possesses all these wonderful paintings.
The Earth Has Music for those who listen. (William Shakespeare)
If you can listen earth laughs in flowers. Try to adopt the pace of nature and her secret is patience.
Nature is a physician who keeps away your stress and drag you from all boredom. Go where you feel alive.
Pakistan is a country who have the most beautiful natural places in the world that soothe your soul. Thousands of people from other countries come to visit these places. Pakistan have beautiful natural valleys, forests, waterfalls, seas and beautiful lakes which full your heart with pleasure.
Specially people come in Kashmir and Northern areas of Pakistan. They are most visited places of Pakistan.  Every place has sense of beauty.
There are numerous natural places which are counted as the most visited beautiful places of Pakistan. 

Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is a 144 km long bow-shaped valley in Azad Kashmir Region. The Valley is situated at the North & North-East of Muzaffarabad.
Neelum Valley is one of the most beautiful and peaceful natural place for tourist. It is most famous due to streams, beautiful lakes, lush greenery, hills and sloppy mountains.
natural beauty of pakistan
If you visit Neelum Valley then you must go the below destinations too...
Arrang Kel, Surgon, Halmet,  Athmuqam, Kutton Jagran, Karen, Neelum, Ratti Galli, Baboon, Noori top, Sharda, Sharda Fort and also visit Ratti gali lake.
Ratti Gali is a beautiful lake in Neelum valley. It is situated at the distance of around about 100KM from Muzaffarabad. You just can visit this lake July to October , because rest of the year roads remain closed due to heavy rainfall. You can reach on Ratti Gali lake with 4x4 vehicle.

Swat Valley

Swat valley is one of the most green northern valley which connects the rest of Pakistan. It is also a place of Leisure lover, hikers and archeologist. Swat is also known as "Mini Switzerland of Pakistan".
natural beauty of pakistan
Mahondand Lake is most beautiful lake in Swat valley and well known to take pictures. It is famous due to crystal blue water and you will find hiking opportunity in this area as well.
If you visit Swat Valley then check them too.
Natural Ushu Valley & Ushu Forest, Malam Jabba, Madyan, Swat & Kalam Vallies, Boner, Der and many other naturally beautiful places.

Kalash Valley

Kalash Valley is also a major attraction of tourists in Pakistan. This is situated in Chitral. Chitral is a district of Pakistan. Kalash is symbol of very old Greek Civilization culture. People who live in Kalash Valley, they have different religion. 
natural beauty of pakistan
Taking the picture of any woman without her permission is not allowed. They belong to different tribes with different religions.
People are living in small villages which are situated on hill sides. People build their houses with rough shaped logs. People of Kalash are cheerful they celebrate many festivals in a year like Phoo festival, Uchal Festival, Chomos Festival etc.


Skardu is a town alongside the Gilgit. Skardu is a best place for locals who want to spend their summer vacations.  It is also a Paradise for Pakistani people. It is getting more and more attention of foreign tourists from past many years. The series of mountains looks very amazing for people who loves climbing on mountains.
natural beauty of pakistan
If you ever had a chance to  visit Skardu, i would suggest to check out these Beautiful Places mentioned below too..
Askole, Hushe,Deosai National Park, K2, Gasherbrums, Broad Peak, Trango Towers, Baltoro, Trango, Tibet and many other sites.

Naltar Valley

Naltar valley is near to Hunza and Gilgit Baltistan. It is only a few KM away from Hunza and 2 hours away from Gilgit Baltistan.  Its forest cover is vaster than other areas of the country which makes it unique and more attractive for tourists. 
Naltar is a home of three different lakes which is collectively known as Bashkiri Lakes. They are located at the distance of 13KM from Naltar Bala.
natural beauty of pakistan
Naltar is a rich cultural city with unique history. In Naltar there are two villages Naltar Pan and Naltar Bala. There are two groups who speak different languages including  Shina and Gujjri.  This beautiful valley is famous to produce tasty tomatoes. If you want to see Paradise on earth then must visit Naltar Valley.
Naltar valley has many other Lakes  including  Pari Lake,Firoza Lake and Satrangi Lake.


Lulusar is a group of snowy mountains and a lake located near to the  Kaghan Valley. It is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which is a province of Pakistan.
natural beauty of pakistan
It is most beautiful and attractive due to mountains covered with snow that never get dry even in summer. Lulusar has got many tourists in past years due to its peaceful environment and mirro like surface of Lulusar Lake which reflects the great mountains.   

Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali is famous for its foggy weather and hiking tracks. Natia Gali is heart of Abbot Abad which is district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.  It is only a few KM away almost 1-hour drive away from both Murree and Abbottabad. Thousands of local and international visitors come in Nathia Gali every year.
natural beauty of pakistan
Horse riding is very common and attractive ride that you can enjoy from April to August months and entertain yourself with the beautiful scene of Nathia Gali. What about a Mug of Coffee while sitting on place like this? You can also get full info about best coffee maker brands.  
Monkeys often come up to hotels, guest houses and restaurants in search of food. Sometime they snatch your food from your hand. So, be careful about your food.


Kalam is a very popular and attractive place for tourists. It is 270 KM away from Islamabad. It is an attractive place for foreigners and locals. Kalam is famous due to waterfalls, lakes and lush green hills. It has awesome weather in summer. Kalam is surrounded with mountains.
natural beauty of pakistan
How many of these places have you visited yet?  Explore the natural beauty of Pakistan. Share this Travel Guide of few beautiful placess of Pakistan with your friends, family and colleagues. If you have already visited some of these place then please do tell us about your experience in comment box below.

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