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22 October 2018

The Secret Behind Getting Maximum Youtube Subscribers

youtube maximum subscribers
Have you listen before that 1 billion people watch videos on per day?
While the popularity of YouTube videos is spreading on a large scale so it's difficult for YouTube video marketer to ignore this. But, you see when YouTube is getting more popularity day by day then there is high competition to get more subscribers and rank on first page.
The channels have endless videos content but people are stressed how to stand out and get huge number of subscriber.
Sometime we are watching funny clips and spend hours for these type of videos. These videos gives us joy and we forget about any stress. Some people think it's shameful thing or they are just for kids. Have you noticed that how the marketers steal our attention to get more watch time and subscribers and also engage their users? This article will guide you how to get more subscribers and watch time.
If you spend your time to make best videos then you must get best return.
Now it's time to get more subscribers for your channel with a good strategy and some secret tips. Here is some tips to get more subscribers for your channel fast!
how to get maximum youtube subscribers

Clean Your Channel

Before we going to put some good stuff on channel, we need to clean our channel from all irrelevant videos. As we see, if our any friend look our channel and he/ she tells us your videos don't have good quality but you think your all content is flawless from errors. It's difficult to swallow but for the future of your channel you must need do this. 
Delete all videos which are not good for your channel they are just a content nothing else. Although it's destroying your brand name. Delete them and never see back.

Only Create Useful and Watchable Content

As we know that YouTube is full with lot of content. So, we already aware about that, if you are not making any good content then we will go out and never stand out with clutter content. The only way to stand in this market is create best and more entertaining content for our user. In this way we will stand in competition and get more subscribers. Subscribers are always worth of a channel.
The key to accomplishing this is to make prep-lane for creating videos. There are some tips which makes you to create best content for your channel.getting maximum youtube subscribers

- Proper Research

First of all watch your competitors videos and some other videos which are related to your niche and according to your taste. Watch all videos one by one and write down some intriguing parts. Watch them one by one and try to make your content more interesting for your viewer.

- Keep an Eye on your Script

Do you imagine that you can wing on screen. You can do it but may be you can't do that if you have no best script to convey your message. Try to make your script more interesting and precise for users. Never take hours just to explain what is your topic. It makes user to give a Good Bye call to you. .

- Purchase The Right Equipment

Your video quality depends on your equipment. Like if you are a cook and running a cooking related channel but you don't have pixel perfect camera and also there is no clear voice. Then how you clearly teach people? How you can convey your content to your users. There are lot of your competitors and  I'm sure you will lose your viewer.
If you are shooting video in a house then you need some equipment which are essential for video creation like background, lights and other equipment depend on your video content.

- Video Length

Make sure your videos are more than 3 minutes  and under 5 minutes. Never make video which is less than three minutes. If your videos are less than 3 minutes may be you will not get any advertisement on  any video sometime add shows luckily but sometime may be not.
If you have any industrial videos and they are too much long like hours etc then try to break them into 5 minutes clips.
Some users leave your channel in 10 seconds when they see there is only 2 minutes channel intro. Try to avoid these filthy things.

- Make Playlist of Worthy Content

Playlist organize videos in such a manner that user can easily find it.
Do you have any set of videos that are going together. If you are a teacher and teaching any subject. You are uploading recurring videos in every week or sometime, some webinars on related topic. You must try to make it easy for your student. So for this you can create a playlist which organize your videos nicely and easily available for students to watch.
In playlist, when a video complete then other video play automatically without any click. It's such an awesome feature of YouTube.
Do you think it grow your subscriber. Well, if you are uploading quality content and user get all videos related it's interest. I'm sure he/she must subscribe your channel.
Playlist organize your videos without any clutter which mess your channel content and safe user to any hassle of finding related videos.

- Add Call To Actions

Almost every good marketers know how to use call to actions buttons to engage user. So, why we can't do this and use this and give a reason to our user come back again with call to action button.
How does CTA's exactly work? Some people think how is it possible to make Call to Action. Don't worry YouTube offer this feature which is nice and easy to use.
YouTube make it easy for you by allowing add end screen and cards in the end of your video. Let me break down end screen and cards into two pieces. I will try to explain them further precisely.

- End Screen

End Screen is a new feature which appears at the end of video. It offers many templates you can choose anyone which you want. After selecting the end screen template, end screen show you many options which you want display at the end of video. Check them below and choose any option which is suitable for you.
youtube subscribers

End Screen offers choose anyone which you want:
Video or Playlist
Link (YouTube Partner Program required).

- Cards

Cards are also works like End Screens. But cards provide more features than End Screen. If you don't want to add End screens at the end of video try to add cards.
getting youtube subscriber

Video or Playlist
Link (YouTube Partner Program required).
To set up these features, you have to do is click on your Video Manager on YouTube or click the Edit Video button on your individual uploads. Then just head over the End Screen & Annotations tab and Cards tab.

Create Attractive Thumbnail

how to get youtube subscribers

Your thumbnail also plays a vital part to attract user to click on your video and watch it. We have listen many time that "Never Judge a Book by Its Cover". I'm sure we can't ignore this saying. Try to make smiling face thumbnail and also make custom thumbnail. Your thumbnail urge to user that he can play with your video or leave it.

Promote Your Channel

Whether it be a Google Plus, Facebook Group , Twitter chat, LinkedIn group, Reddit, or another popular online community in your industry, you should be actively engaging in these worlds and spreading your video content when people are discussing or need some help that relevant to your content.
Let's say you are working for a food company and participating in a conversation where people are talking about their food. It's perfect time for you to share your helpful video about food which people are discussing. It will be helpful to introduce your service for food and may be some people take you up on.

Optimize Your Channel For Search

Choose a unique name for your channel. Your channel name is your brand name. Be careful about that. Always try to use short name which is easy to remember.
Always choose a best theme for your channel and goof for your thumbnail.
Complete your About section. In about section give information about your channel that what are you doing on your channel. As, if you are a cook then explain about your channel which type of recipes you are sharing in future.
Always put your social media links like your twitter profile, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus etc.
Put your all social media links in your video description.
Choose some tags which are specific for your channel like as I have mentioned many time if we are cook, then we will use some specific tags if our channel name is XYZ we will use xyz recipes, xyz chef recipes xyx chef. These tags are easy to use for user and also easy to remember.

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