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19 October 2018

College Scholarships Grants | Is it Affordable Now a Days?

College is expensive these days, and the vast majority of people will have a very difficult time financing their college education for themselves or their kids without some kind of financial assistance. That is a statement of fact that virtually nobody would disagree with.
But given that truth, it is hard to imagine that people do not go to the next logical step, which is to search for college scholarships and grants or study aid. There are literally thousands of them available based on an incredible variety of criteria, and as long as you have a pulse and cast a shadow in bright sunlight, chances are better than excellent that you qualify for several of them, right now! The truth of the matter is that many scholarships go un-awarded simply because nobody applied for them!
college scholarships
Don't tell me, you have not searched for any college scholarships because on paper it looks like you make too much money, right? That is the myth that most people have in their minds, even though "all that money" is really only on paper and not really in "disposable income" that you can cheerfully fork over to the college admissions department. But even though many scholarship applications will request your income level, it is surprising to note that many of them only use that for classification purposes, and NOT to judge whether or not you should be awarded the college scholarship! Here you can get latest scholarships.
You say you have no special skills or talents that would warrant a scholarship? There are more college scholarships available that you could ever imagine. Did you know that there really is a "duct tape scholarship"? Yes, really. There are college grants and college scholarships for left handed people, for tall people, for bassoon players, for twins, for skateboarders, and so much more. I personally know a young man who was awarded a college scholarship from the Inga Meyerstrom Institute (don't ask, I haven't a clue what they are) simply because HE was the only one who applied for it! That is correct -- no criteria for the award other than the fact that he took the time to fill out the application ... and it was the ONLY application they received!
college scholarships
Why saddle your kids (or you) with student loans or Study Aid that will easily add up to be in the tens of thousands of dollars by the time they graduate? With a bit of research and due diligence, and probably less overall time than you would spend shopping for a new car, you can alleviate some or even all of that valuable good college education with a college scholarship.
Do it today, get your applications in early and keep sending them out! There is no legal or moral limit on the number of college scholarships you can be awarded! As they are updated on daily basis on various sites either degree wise or subject wise. Don’t miss them now.

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