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27 October 2018

Best CPM Advertising Networks of 2018

Best cpm network
CPM advertisement is a good way to earn money with your blog or website. Nowadays majority of bloggers and website earners depends on CPM ad networks to generate revenue.
Do you have good traffic on your website or blog? 
Do you want to monetize your website or blog with high paying and best CPM Ad Networks  in 2018?
If you are too much interested in CPM Ad Networks and monetize your blog with best CPM Ad network and generate handsome revenue, let me tell you that you are at right place.
I have compiled a list of best CPM Ad Networks where publishers allow you to monetize your website with their network and start earning money.
There are different types of ads networks like pay per click, cost per action, cost per sale. like for instance Google Adsense will pay you if someone click on any Ad.

But CPA pays you if any action happen like a user come on to your website and look an ad which is related to beauty product and he/she want to buy. When they click on Ad and fill the form after that CPA will pay you.
In other case, if you are CPA Advertiser you don't need to worry about any click or any form filling action. CPM will pay on impressions.

What Is CPM Advertising?

CPM stands for Cost Per Mile and you can also call it  cost per one thousand impressions. CPM is a best way to earn money with your blog.

CPM pays you according to the number of impressions which you received on an advertisement. 

cpm network

An impression is simply like a page view. When you put an ad online and visitor land on your site or blog where you have an ad then it considered as an impression on that ad.
Online publishers  can easily track your page views with online trackers like Google Analytics etc. It basically works on a snippet of code that try to track your website page views, how many people, how many people visited your website and how many time they have spent.
It means that even if your readers are not clicking on your blog’s ads, with CPM ads, you can still get paid.
To ensure that if you want to generate handsome revenue then put your ad on a prominent place on website.
You might find some CPM ads more appealing, but they are best for bloggers who have high volume of traffic. If you are driving traffic many traffic and receiving thousands impressions then you will get good amount of money from CPM Ad.
Mostly CPM Ad Networks pay 1$ to 10$ per impression but it depends on their requirement.
If you are interested and want to join best CPM Networks then I have compiled a  list of best CPM Ad Networks of 2018.

Best CPM Networks Of 2018

Propeller  Ads

Propeller  Ads has become very popular ad network day by day. They offer all types of Ads which is suitable for bloggers and webmasters.  They are offering some best rates in the market.
It's an easy network to join. Getting started with Propeller Ads is easy and  your account will be created immediately.  They are providing instant approval.  After creating your account, you just need to add your domain name and verify your ownership.
best cpm networks

Some more useful and important point about Propeller Ads.
  •          They use Net30 payment Policy which pay you within 30 days.
  •          The minimum payment threshold is $100. 
  •          They are offering real-time reporting.
  •          They are paying to publishers  80:20.
  •          You can choose different payment method including PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Payoneer.
  •          They offer all popular ad sizes & types.
Its CPM rates depends on the range of traffic volume. If you have high traffic of US then you can earn much more from Propeller Ads. Propeller Ads are famous due to music download sites and video streaming.
You can more if you have huge volume of traffic. Overall Propeller Ads network is best for bloggers who have huge volume of traffic.

Hilltop Ads

Hilltop Ads is a best CPM network which is known as the best traffic monetization  network.  It is a great CPC/CPM ad network which works for high or medium traffic bloggers. The interface of Hilltop Ad networks is quite simple and easy.
cpm network

An important thing about this Network is that, they approve your website quite fast.
Some important features of Hilltop Ads are.
  • They pay their publisher on Net7 basis. So, you can receive your payment very fast.
  • You can payout minimum 50$. As some other companies charge transaction fee but they don't charge any transaction fee.
  • You can submit more than one website for approval.
  • They have wide range of payment methods including Bitcoin and Payoneer.
  • They offer a variety of Ads types and it works great if you have lot of mobile traffic.
This is one of the best network which you should try definitely.

Google Adsense 

Google Adsense is one of the largest and best ads network in the world. It is best CPM network but approval is very difficult. You must have to strictly follow the guidelines of Adsense policy and webmaster quality guidelines for getting approval as a Google Adsense Publisher.
cpm network
Minimum payout is 100$ which is difficult for newbie and there is no traffic requirement.
As compare to other Google Adsense is very difficult to get approval as a publisher.
These are just a few high paying CPM network which I have found. What other great network which are working great for your website and also you know about them. Let us know in the comment section below.

cpm networks is also a leading CPM network and one of the largest Ads network company in the world. This CPM network is a trusted network for all large website publishers.
Some of its publisher clients include Forbes, MSN, Yahoo, Kiplinger, NY Daily News, and many others. works with publishers who have quality content without third party copy right.


If you are looking for a best and high quality CPM network then AdBuff network is for you, you should try. They are providing both CPC and CPM ads service.
cpm networks
To get an approved account on AdBuff network  you need 2000 per day visitor on your site.  Your account will approve within 24-48 hours.  They just accept high quality publishers.
AdBuff network works on the Net 45 basis and offer different payment options including Paypal, Payoneer and Bank Wire.
So these were the few top CPM Networks of 2018. Hopefully you have a better idea now about choosing the best CPM Network as per your needs and requirements. 

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