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26 September 2018

Top 5 Sites That Pay You To Upload

Some people have lot of spare time and they are just spending their time on social media. But some people want to earn money with small business or as a part time job. Have you ever thought that you can earn money by uploading videos online? Online earning is a dream of every person but they are confused how to earn money and where to start.

It's not a big deal, you can earn money by Uploading videos easily that's not a rocket science. You can create videos with your mobile phone camera and earn money. There are lot of Youtubers,  who are generating best revenue by uploading  videos without any skill. Now, there are lot of ways which you can use and earn money but on some platforms you need skills and sometime it's not essential.
For generating best revenue you don't need an industry like a Hollywood and you also don't need a film maker. You can learn some Software and make slideshow videos. But also you can earn money by making videos with your camera.

I have found some websites which are offering you to Earn Money By Uploading Videos Online and you can promote other people videos.

1. YouTube

YouTube is a best website for newbie's and also for other people who no skill but they want to earn money. You can easily create your videos and earn money there is no need of lot of payment and there is no age limit. You can buy a camera and make your videos.
·         You need a Gmail and create a YouTube Channel.
·         Upload your videos on Regular Basis.
When you start to get views on your channel and build a number of Subscribers then you can monetize your channel with the signup of Google Adsense. After monetizing YouTube will publish adds related to your videos after that you can earn money. You can earn money after a time, you can't generate quick money as you are dreaming. It will be start slowly. If you create viral videos then you will get numbers of subscribers and viewers but on the other hand I'm assured you will generate handsome money. As your channel grow, your income will grow also.
But must follow the way of YouTube video Creation, Channel Monetization  and Google Adsense  Policy.
Never use other people videos otherwise you will get strike. If you try it again and again YouTube will Disable your account.

2. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is also like YouTube but it will pay you less than YouTube. Dailymotion has no strict policy and there is no fear of that if you violate any rule Dailymotion will give you strike or disable your account.  It will automatically remove this video which is not according to policy or guideline.
·         You Need just a Gmail and create your account.
·         After that you find the option of "Become a Partner" and click on After that you can click on and you become a partner of Dailymotion.
You can withdraw your amount after 100$. Before 100$ you can't withdraw. Dailymotion is also a slow earning generating website.
Start Growing and Start Earning.

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is also a website where you can upload your videos and offer your videos to your fans or audience directly. You can offer them to rent, buy or subscribe your video at affordable price. You just can't use these option on Vimeo you also can  share your videos on social media and generate handsome money. Due to this you will built your community and make your worth.

You can share your videos worldwide and target your audience in a specific area. Video pages can be customized as you want and you can add captions on your videos as you want.
You will receive your payment via Paypal. You video price is up to you how many you want to charge.
·         You must join Vimeo Pro with cost 17$.
·         You must have copyright of your videos. Never use other persons videos.

4. The Vault

The Vault is a video monetization platform which offering You can earn money easily by creating your videos. They will feature your videos at home page of their website .They will help to Viral your videos.
When you post your video the team of vault will review your video after submission. If you follow the rule without violation tem will come back and send your money via Paypal or paper check.
 Just capture your video and sell to your audience.
·         No copyrighted videos.

5. Envul

It is also a money making website that works in a simple way. You can earn money with 30 seconds watch time. Envul just accept gaming videos and no copyrighted videos. You can create your account and monetize it. Your earning depend on views. People earn 3$ with 1000 views.
·         Must upload Gaming related videos.
·         No Copyrighted video will be accepted.

If you are serious to earn money by uploading videos online you must try these websites which i have mentioned above. But never forget about your content because
Content Is King

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