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04 September 2018

The Seven Most Important Vlogging Success Factors

Every beginner Vlogger wants his YouTube channel to be successful, bring a good income and become a source of pride. For this, you need viewers, attendance, an audience that will be delighted with what you are shooting and, most importantly, will be grateful to you. Many successful YouTube Vloggers recommend creating, in the first place, quality, unique and necessary to people content. However, what to invest in this content is still an open question. Below are the factors that directly or indirectly affect the success of any vlog on YouTube.

1.Video Quality.

It's no secret that today the quality of video plays a huge role. Today, the audience is very demanding. So, first of all, I would like to start with the fact that for the success of your vlog you need excellent video quality. And for this, you will need the best youtube camera. The choice of camera depends directly on what you will shoot. If we are talking about vlog, then any amateur DSLR is suitable for this purpose. Which cameras do we not recommend buying? 
Old fashioned cameras or camcorders Of course, they have a few advantages, for example, a smooth zoom or good autofocus, but let's be honest, they are outdated.
Canon cameras. Cameras from Canon, are probably the best choice for shooting vlogs. A lot of popular vloggers on YouTube recommend them. I will not go into details, but believe me, these are really decent cameras. Look at least at 80D, GT7 X Mark II, T6i. I'm pretty sure you'll find a lot of trusted reviews on them. 
Nikon cameras. Nikon makes excellent cameras. But, alas, not for video. With autofocus in the video, Nikon has a complete nightmare, so do not recommend their cameras for vlogs and for video. 
Action cameras. No, and again not for several reasons. The most important thing is that the angle of shooting is too wide and there are big distortions. The rest - no flip screen, poor video quality in the low light, it's impossible (in 90% of cases) to connect an external microphone, terrible quality of the built-in microphone.
Next, I would like to talk about human factors.

2. Honesty.

Getting rid of lies. Such a simple principle, but at the same time, effective. All world top vloggers make a video about the life, about what interests people, about what is relevant to them. As a result, they inspire viewers trust and quickly expand the circle of their audience.

3. Openness.

All vloggers are divided into several types. Some know a lot but share information very, very reluctantly. Others - they know a lot and are willing to share information. Still, others do not know anything (at certain stages), but they also willingly share information, as a rule, with the one that the second-category vloggers shared with them, or with their own tests and mistakes. Openness and the desire to help people is the key factor. Pay attention, altruists who make content for the sake of the interests of other people, without demanding anything in return, are usually surrounded by a broad and loyal audience. And, on the contrary, beginners who make only second-class videos about affiliate programs impregnated with the desire to earn a maximum of fifteen random visitors, are unlikely to be able to claim the confidence of viewers.

4. Authority.

Honesty and openness create the basis for another factor - the authority among viewers. Authority never appears at once, it is an inertial factor, which manifests itself, at least, a year after hard work on the channel. Suppose there is a new player on the market with an attractive but unknown product, high quality of service and a seductive affiliate program. What do you think, whose recommendations will be followed by the audience: an unfamiliar beginner, or a well-known blogger with authority and reputation, whom they constantly watch and trust? The answer is obvious.

5. Willpower.

Anyone needs a willpower, especially for vloggers to not to break down at the initial stage and overcome difficulties. As well as at later stages, in order to develop further. In addition, willpower is the only motivating factor when there are no other motivating factors. It involves perseverance and patience, and therefore willpower can be considered one of the most significant factors in vlogging.

6. Purposefulness.

To achieve success, any person should have a goal. According to the experience of successful vloggers, it can be said that the more noble and altruistic the goal, the easier it is to succeed. For examples, you do not need to go far. Imagine that there is vlogger, who set out to help beginners to understand object-oriented programming as quickly as possible, and there is a competitor who aims to get as much money from visitors as possible and, preferably, in record time. But we know that miracles do not happen. Earn in the end will be both, but the audience will give a preference for someone who wants to help, and this is entirely natural. No less important is that it is not enough to set a goal, you need to work hard to achieve it.

7. Intelligence.

Vlogging is a game for intellectuals. Whatever path you choose: an independent and unique idea or competently copied the higher the level of your intellect, the better the material you get at the output. Please note that the videos of successful vloggers look always easy and interesting, no matter how large and how they were created.


The factors listed in the article, of course, are not complete. There are many others that directly or indirectly also affect success. These include tenacity, efficiency, flexibility and many others. However, without these seven, one can hardly expect loyalty to the audience, its trust and constant growth.

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