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16 September 2018

Cash on Delivery Service In Pakistan

cash on delivery
Cash on Delivery service is a most powerful and trendy service in Pakistan. People use this service for personal use and some people who have business on small scale use it for product sending to buyer.
People in Pakistan like to purchase products online from best ecommerce website while purchasing they use Cash on Delivery service. Cash on Delivery is a best way to deliver a product, buyer can check out their product easily and after satisfaction they will pay you. They will pay you by hand easily instead of paying through debit/credit card.
We have some good information that will show you best Cash On Delivery service in Pakistan and save your time for searching about this service. So, people who want to start their business on small scale can send their product easily.
This post not only show you about prices, services etc. But it also shows you what people say about this service. It makes easy to take decision for your business if you want to provide Cash on Delivery Service.

I am not going to talk about any specific Cash On Delivery Service Provider here but I will share some cash On Delivery services as per my practical experience. Product delivery time depend on your location and vary city to city.

An Overview Of Cash On Delivery Service Providers In Pakistan

1.  Call Courier

Call Courier is a new Cash On Delivery service provider in Pakistan. It's a great idea of young people mind who want something new with best quality and fast service.  My experience has been really great. The staff of Call Courier is very quick in setting your account and also provide other services quickly.
Clients are happy with this service and reported that, they are really appreciated this quick service we receive our product packages in small villages/ cities within 2 days. In the main city people receive their packets in one day.
cash on delivery

Payment Method:
You can pay via cheque and your payment processed within 2-3 days easily without any trouble. After that you will receive an SMS when your payment is sent.

2. Leopards 

Leopards is Another decent Cash On Delivery service provider in Pakistan. It is also known as cheapest and quick service providing company. Account opening process is very simple you just need a few documents and go to Leopards local  office they will process it fast and easily. 


·         Delivery of your product by air or land is very secure and fast.
·         Handling your issues very quickly and safely.
·         No packet/ product lost. Always provide fast and assures delivery system.
·         Cash will be paid on delivery of your packet.
·         Customer account  management  is also a responsibility of company.

·         Weight limit is just 35kg no more.

Delivery of Shipment 

Delivery of shipment will be settle within working 2 days. Leopards shipments not charged more than 30.00 Rupees on an order. If anyone charging you more than 30,000 Rs so be careful.

Tariff Charges on Cash On Delivery

Rates we have mentioned below will be applied for 6 months after creating your account.


Within City
Zone A- Major
Nationwide Locations
Zone B- Other
Nationwide Locations
More than 500 grams
Between 501 gram to 1KG
Rs. 195.00
Rs. 235.00
On each Additions KG
Rs. 175.00
Rs. 180.00

Some People are confused about Zone A and Zone B. So, check it below and also check the charges about zone.
Zone A:
·    Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Multan, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Rahim Yar Khan, Sukkur, Gujarat, Bahawalpur,  Gujranwala, Peshawar.
Zone B:
·         Nationwide Locations

Some Materials are not Acceptable for Transmission in Leopards

Things/Materials which are not acceptable in Leopard Logistic are. Jewelry, Currency, Antique, Liquor, Stamps, Drugs, Precious materials,  works of art, Precious Stones, Fire arms, Plants, Animals, Obscene and pornographic material  etc. Some other Materials which are restricted by  IATA and ICAO Organizations.

·         GST will be applied as Law and Fuel Surcharge also be applied.
·         If Flyers are also included then shipment will be charged more. For small Flyer Leopard will  charge Rs  15.00 and for large flyer Rs 25.00 will be charged.
Leopard has lot of followers on Facebook with 5 star review. It is also an easy and quick Cash On Delivery service with normal rates as compared to TCS. 

3. TCS

TCS is also known as best and widely  COD service in Pakistan. The company work great when it works with COD before this it has no positive reviews. People are annoying in past due to delayed packages and difficult to create user account, these are reasons.  People who have business on small scale never want to choose it as a  COD service.

Although,  I personally believe that their service highly dependent on your Location. I see so many people are saying that TCS COD is not good in Lahore, Islamabad and other cities. As compared to Leopard people love it and they have no negative reviews about it.

You can try it may be you have different experience. If you have some good experience or bad please share with us in comment section below.

4. Swift Courier

Swift courier is a company of young entrepreneurs who are working in tech for 4 years and empowering his country with synergy.
 Swift courier make people life easy and save their time with best results. It is a best and quick service who providing a COD service until it is a Local COD.
Feature Of Swift Courier.
·         Providing service for heavy and large items.
·         Transfer your Product safely and secure.
·         Delivery in Worldwide.
·         Delivery within 24 hours.
·         Fast and able to track your delivery.
Swift Courier is a best Cash On Delivery service. They are providing different services like Courier Service, Food Service, Lunch Service and international Shipping.
An important thing shipping charges more than 3000 are not acceptable.

5. Blue-Ex

Blue-Ex is almost a new cash on delivery company which is standing in market with decent features.
It is almost a company of people who sells their goods and earn money. If buyer not paying Cash On Delivery then the product will return to the seller and sometime voucher will be cancelled on door step and send you a notification via mobile system. Payment of customers will be collected via cheque, cash or money order. 
I see people are happy with this service as compared to TCS. Blue-Ex is a modern company with quick service and has a largest and strong network across Pakistan.
We are hopeful it will do best in future in COD  market.

so this was quite an overview of the cash on delivery structure and service providers in Pakistan.

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