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16 August 2018

Sell Online Like a Rockstar: Best Social Media Tips for E-commerce

Beginner entrepreneurs are utilizing social media platforms in promoting their products, services, and brand because of the accessibility and handy features to market. Most of the time, they will post content on those platforms and let their friends, family, and colleagues share their post for a number of times, and even tagging them in those posts.

Learning the right steps and ways to promote your business on social media sites will turn into more competitive results. It should be aided with correct planning and tools for maximum results.

Social media is one of the most widely used channels for marketing your business online. It is also accessible for your customers since only a mobile device is needed to enter your social media pages. Being informed about the different techniques and mechanisms inside social media marketing can generate more sales online for you. Social media will test your creative skills since it focuses not on what the product is and its characteristics, but how unique and innovative you are in selling your products.

Defining Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is the technique of publicizing and selling your products and services through the application of different social media websites. As a businessman, you need to be acquainted with various strategies, paid or unpaid, for your store's path towards success.

Different brands can tap different social media platforms depending on their marketing plan and needs to project success for their business. Most of the audiences are leaning towards using Facebook and Twitter more because it is common among them.

Boost Your Online Sales using Social Media Marketing Tactics

1. Produce Fascinating Content Frequently
One way to make your audience grow over time is to post content consistently. Studies suggest that the people you reach react differently concerning the number of times you post. Not only should you figure out how frequent you should release content, but it is also vital to consider the time of posting. You can compare strategies with your competitors and even use their data as a point of reference.

There is an optimal period to post on each channel. To aid you to post content, you can investigate scheduling your posting times which you can do with Hootsuite and Buffer. You simply connect it to your internet browser and your social media accounts, and they will do the work for you. These apps can help save efforts in accomplishing your social media strategies.

2. Encourage Personal Marketing with the Help of Customer Reviews
Building trust and awareness for your services and products through customer product reviews is a unique and effective technique in boosting your overall company sales.

To do this, you can start linking your social media accounts with each other. Then, publish the reviews made by various customers to your pages. This kind of postings can pique your customers' attention since most of the customers nowadays are putting trust in online reviews, which can turn into trying your product or service.

3. Generate Content Bits for Your Social Media Pages
You may start in observing and learning your target market's activity while browsing their social media. Look when they are browsing, it may be during their way to work, during a brain break, or even when killing time when their TV shows are showing commercials.

Those in-between tasks have something in common: it is only a little amount of time. You can capitalize on this opportunity by producing and generating content bits or quick contents. This is a fresh way to capture your audience's attention while not eating a lot of their time. Snapchat is a perfect channel for this kind of content since it has been an avenue for brands to show advertisements and promotions between one to ten seconds.

4. Start Engagement with Twitter Through Twitter Chat
You need to build ways to trigger engagement between you and your audiences. The users that follow your Twitter and your business sales will raise because of this strategy. A great example of this is organizing a Twitter Chat. It should be as frequent as possible to be visible to your market, in your case you can do it weekly.

Partnering with a pre-existing Twitter chat lets you engage with an established audience. You can also organize your own Twitter chat, but it will need more work since you need to establish a set of audience for this. Over time, you can recruit new people, and you can gradually establish your brand on the platform.

When you start your Twitter chat, you can try using a hashtag for every session and let your users include these in their responses to the Twitter chat. This helps in your branding and makes the people familiar with this practice. It also allows you to search the chat later for a recap.

To know more about how you can leverage the full potential of Twitter, here’s a helpful guide about Twitter Marketing from Shopify.

5. Organize an Online Contest on Pinterest
There are many strategies you can investigate to make advertising more creative. For example, on Pinterest, you can start a contest or an online treasure hunt for your customers. First, you will have to contact your partners or influencers and ask them to pin different images on their Pinterest boards. These images will serve as clues as to where the next image is.

You start the hunt by posting about the game with the link to the starting point. Participants who finish the treasure hunt successfully are redirected to where they can enter an exclusive raffle.

6. Make Contents Effortless to Share
Putting social media logo buttons that link to share the content in your social media site is an important element in increasing the chances of your site going viral. This can basically increase business sales and website visits. Ensure that your buttons for various social media platforms are available and easy to find on your site.

You can also make those buttons match your site’s design to have a more cohesive aesthetic. You may also turn back to its original colors when your visitors are not utilizing the share buttons.

7. Associate Trending Topics in Your Content
Engaging and reaching new people and audience with your posts are achievable by aligning your content with trends that are relevant now. If you pay attention to news and hashtags, you might find an opening to incorporate it into your content or to make a pun out of it to pique your audience’s attention.

8. Feature Your Popular Posts
When you are trying to engage with your audience through your social media profile, you are not just spreading awareness. Your social feed also checks you through your content and posts.

You can opt to change your cover photo to a more eye-catching design. You could also link your site in your bio, in the “about” section, or on your profile. Another way is to feature your best post or “pin” it on your profile. Choose a post that had a good response from your audience, so they can see the generated interaction instead of that post getting buried.

9. Convert Your Instagram Account into a Business-related One
Since Instagram is a highly visual platform, it is challenging for businesses to link back customers to their products. Make your Instagram shoppable, and it will surely boost your sales. It is necessary to create attention-grabbing and high-quality photos to promote your products. A high-quality and high-resolution product image will effectively showcase its features.

You should also put the product “tags” on your posts. Upon clicking these tags, users can see its price and specifications. These tags make it easier for people to learn more about the product and eventually, buy it.

A compelling social media marketing should involve a well-planned strategy, perfectly written content, scheduling product-related posts, and on-time and seamless execution. Unleashing the

the maximum potential of social media marketing is more than just focusing on the brand, but it is knowing and engaging with your audience.

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Juliette Anderson is an Outreach Community Specialist for an e-commerce fulfillment company that specializes in partnering with online sellers who have an average parcel weight of 5+ pounds or greater. She works hand-in-hand with e-commerce stores to achieve optimal sales for four years already. Her specialty lies in social media marketing and paid promotions.

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