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03 May 2018

Digital Innovation Secrets From The Greatest IT Leaders

Forward-facing organizations are realizing the need for digital innovation and are redefining the way businesses offer their services and products to their clients and customers. These organizations are revamping the complete idea around how IT works and how it delivers value to its users. The next-gen technology leaders have secrets that enable them to take on this challenging IT industry and digitally transform themselves and the competition they are in.

CIOs are of the belief that innovation does not just happen in a lightning fast manner, but only takes place when business owners structure their people and their processes in the right manner. The cornerstone of digital innovation, therefore, is employing the right paradigms and prototypes.

Businesses struggle to understand what drives innovation in the companies that are on the top of their games. Statistics tell us that only about 26% of organizations have the readiness to execute their digital strategies today. The greatest leaders of all times had some secrets of innovation. Steve Jobs is considered the greatest innovator of our times.

Here are the 7 Principles of Digital Innovation that Steve Jobs highlighted in his book “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs”-

  • Do what you love – Steve Jobs probably knew what it meant to do what one loves. People don't put in the right effort when they have no passion for what they are doing. This is what drove Apple's iconic leader to create masterpieces and tech-gadgets.

  • Put a dent in the Universe – Steve Jobs believed in out-of-the-box thinking. This is why he maintained quality and premium experiences a part of his strategy with Apple products. Putting a dent into the Universe is possible with the right innovation strategy when one knows what they are doing.

  • Kickstart your brain – Through effective mind and body balance, innovation becomes a given. Steve Jobs knew the empires of the mind and knew how to kickstart his brain into a full-fledged innovation mode.

  • Sell Dreams, Not Products – Apple's customers would swear by using its products for a lifetime after they've used them once. This is the user experience Apple sells along with its products.

  • Say No to 1,000 Things – All innovative efforts don't see the light of the day. Say no to 1,000 things that pop up in your mind and you will get your aha moment soon.

  • Create insanely great experiences – This is another pointer where Jobs talks about creating exceptional experiences for customers.

  • Master the Message – A brand should be able to communicate its message to its audiences. In a proper manner.

A great many leaders have focused on customer experience transformation when innovation comes into the picture.

Bonus: Some More Digital Innovation Secrets from Innovation Leaders Worldwide

Innovation is not just about designing the next breakthrough gadget or device. It is about transforming processes and operations in a business setting to deliver higher value and become more efficient.

A dimensional shift must take place when we talk about innovation. Companies may feel that employing java web development with emergency technologies such as Big Data, AI, and ML in their processes is a great deal. But it is not. Deriving value from these technologies and creating a perspective shift is a great deal.

Technologies can be used to capture customer experiences and learn from them. Digital innovation is worthy if it brings the value to the customer. Innovation should be tested on the parameters of how much change it can bring about in a company and how soon.

Innovation leaders constantly try and bring us back to the difference between incremental thinking and innovative thinking. Incremental thinking is when we are able to impact one or two areas of business through our ideas. Innovative thinking is when we attempt to change everything in a single go!

Digital innovation is the new normal. And organizations are in a frenzy to leverage it. According to a study, the top three drivers for digital transformation are enhancing the customer experience, increasing the speed of innovation, and improving the time-to-market.

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  1. Doing what you love is the cornerstone to success in any niche Chirag. If not, you lose energy and inspiration and motivation to move forward. Passion is the fuel that powers successful entrepreneurial journeys. I have experienced this personally in my life. Power post buddy!