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23 February 2018

Step By Step To Create MultiBoot USB Drive Using XBoot

Sometimes problem created on CD/DVD ROM, because of it you can not setup Windows from disk. So, the solution for this problem, you can use your pen drive or USB drive to boot.  Just your pen drive have to contain bootable windows.
MultiBoot USB
So, Do you want to setup windows in your PC from USB drive?
To do this, you have to make your USB drive bootable. A free tool will need to make your USB drive bootable. There are many free tools you will find in online.  I am going to show you the process to create multiboot USB drive using XBoot. XBoot is free and easy to use. Just download and use it.

Step 1: First Download XBoot . Here you will find all the versions of XBoot. Download the latest and install it on your PC.

Step 2: Then click on File>Open. ISO files will open. Drag and drops files in the XBoot window.  Add all the files.

Step 3: Then click on Create USB.

Step 4: Select USB drive from the drop down menu.

Step 5: Select any Bootloader from the list and click on OK.

Have you executed all the steps perfectly? Your USB should be the bootable device. Here is a important fact that .NET FRAMEWORK 4.0 should be installed in your system to work on XBoot. If you don’t have, click here to download .NET FRAMEWORK 4.0 version.

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Here is the step by step video tutorial for making USB drive bootable.

How To Create MultiBoot USB Drive Using XBoot - Video

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