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18 February 2018

How To Track Your Phone By Android Device Manager (ADM)

Android Device Manager, in other names ADM is a function of finding any android device like android smartphone, android tablet or android tv. If your device is android based and somehow you lost it, you can find it. Google made Android Device Manager for making more secure to the android devices users.

Android Device Manager

Now, a question may rise on your mind, how does work android device manager? It’s not so simple. Google has a lot of satellites on the sky for serving their connection worldwide. And we all know the most communication service serves by Google. We know GPS. GPS is Global Positioning System. It’s a Google service. Android Device Manager is linked with the GPS. So Android Device Manger helps for finding the losted device using the GPS. Actually that, when Google makes any android product, they set up a GPS cheap with the device.

So, now you want to know how to track a phone by Android Device Manager? Follow the steps.

Step 1

Go to the official website for android finding

Step 2

Log in to your Gmail account or Google account. If you have gmail account, that’s will be your Google account.

Step 3

Now, if your phone is active and it is connected to the internet service, you will find the phone in the website. From this website you will be able to control your phone basic tasks. Here you will find three options.

  • Ring
  • Lock
  • Erase

Choose “Ring” to make a call to the phone. If your phone may exist nearby you think, you can choose this. If you think your phone has stolen by someone bad, you can lock it by choosing “Lock”. Thriedly, you can erase you all data by choosing “Erase”.


Some pre-requisite conditions are must for executing the above three steps to know the location of the device. If you don’t have the pre-settings on your phone, your phone can not be recovered. Here these,

  • The phone is active
  • The phone is connected to the internet
  • Location reporting is enabled on your phone
  • The device is singed in with your google account

If these 4 settings are set up on your phone, then you can obviously know your phone location. If you like this article please share it on Facebook and Twitter.

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