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08 February 2018

How To Restrict Drive Access For Guest Users in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Sometimes, home computers and business computers use more than one users. If your computer contains important  files and documents that should not be seen by others, you can secure these by controlling the hard drive access of your computer. To restrict drive access for other users (in other name guest users) without yourself, you have to setup some additional settings. Prevent to drives from my computer windows 8 for guest users, follow these steps.
restrict drive access

In this article, I will disscuss about the full process of How to disable drive access for other users. Let start the task.

Step by step process to restrict hard drive access

All the steps for blocking drive access are given in below. For this action, another user account is needed except administrator account. If you are the main user, your PC account should be the administrator account. And you are going to restrict drive for other users who are guest. So, another account is needed to perform the action. If you have another account already in your PC, then go to the step 8 directly and move.

How to Block Drives in Windows 7 from other users

1. Start the PC signing in the Administrative account.
2. Go to the Control panel.

3. Then find and click on User accounts.
4. Move to the Manage another accounts.

5. Then click on Create a new account ( For Windows 7 and other previous versions) or Add a new user in PC settings ( For Windows 8, 8.1 and 10).

6. A new window will open. Then again click on Add an acoount.
7. Now you will be asked to input an email address. Type your email address and hit Next. After that, you may have to input Password.

8. Open Windows explorer. This can do by clicking on This PC or My Computer.
9. Right click on the drive in which you want to protect. Then choose Properties.

10. Click on the Security tab. Then click on Edit… and Add… in the Select users and Groups.

11. But don’t worry you don’t need to find the Select users and Groups tab. This will automatically be redirected.

12. Now some blank spaces will be seen. Type the User account name by which other users will access the PC.

13. Then click on OK and Unmark the boxes says Allow which advantages you don’t make available to the guest users.
14. Then return to the desktop clicking on positive directions like OK and YES.

You just have done your expected job! Now if you want to check the action, turn of your PC and start again the PC from the guest account. This time the drive you just protected from the guest users, will not be opened.
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