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01 December 2017

How To Uninstall CommentLuv From Blogger Blog

CommentLuv Blogs are in which commentluv plugin is installed. CommentLuv is a popular plugin to get comments in blog. Although it is mostly used in wordpress blogs, some blogger who hosted their blog in blogger feel comfort to use this plugin. It is very easy to install and uninstall commentluv plugin in wordpress. Just search the plugin and install it. If you want to uninstall, just install it in a click from installed plugins list. But install and uninstall process of this plugin in blogger blogs seems to hard. But I have written an artice showing all the process step by step to install commentluv in blogger blog. Visit this to do easily.
Uninstall CommentLuv
Having commentluv in blogs have some advantages and disadvantages. Although the advantages are more than its disadvantages, you may want to know the uninstallation process. You have already installed commentluv in your blogger blog, and now you want to uninstall it for any reason? Ok, Here I am showing the steps of uninstallation process.

Uninstall CommentLuv From Blogger Blog

All the steps here in below to uninstall the commentluv plugin from a blogger blog. All are easy and simple. You have to do the steps serially like I have shown.

1.  Go to IntenseDebate website. And click on “Sign In”.
2. Sign in to your IntenseDebate account by your email and password. If you don’t have please create one. Account creation is very simple. Just click on “Sign Up” and enter your email and password. Then move forward.
3. Place the mouse to “Sites” from the top middle of your IntenseDebate dashboard. Click on the site from which you want to uninstall the commentluv plugin.
4. Click on “Uninstall” from the left sidebar. Five instructions will be appeared. Read them carefully and execute the steps like below.
5. Now in this step you have to login to your blogger account. So go to the blogger website and sign in by your gmail and password.
6. After opening the blogger dashboard, click on drop down menu sign from the left top. Select your blog and open it. Your selected blog dashboard will open.
7. Click on “Theme” from the left bottom. Then click on “Backup/Restore” from the top right.
8. Click on “Download Theme”. A (.xml) file will be downloaded.
9. Then go back to your IntenseDebate selected blog dashboard. Choose the (.xml file) theme you have just downloaded. Click on “Upload file and contunue”.
10. Copy the entire code appeared in the new window. Then go back to the blogger dashboard.
11. Click on “Edit HTML” under “Theme” menu.
12. Select the entire code and click on paste after pressing the right button of the mouse.
13. Then Save the theme.

Your commentluv comment plugin has been uninstalled from your blogger blog. If you wan to reinstall it. Follow follow the steps here on How to install commentluv from blogger blog.

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