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19 December 2017

5 Unfailing Tips To Build Up Your Blogging Career In 2018

Are you willing to a huge amount of make money by blogging?
Do you want to build up your blogging career in 2018?
Five unfailing steps are here to be successful in blogging in 2018. If you are want to get profit from blogging, follow and execute the steps I am going to discuss.
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#5 Unfailing Steps To Build Blogging Career

Blogging is not just a part time career rather it has all competences of being a full time career. Numerious bloggers has been transferred to full time blogger although they started blogging as a part time job. Let us have a look on how we can make blogging career successful and the best alternative to the 10am to  4pm govt. job. To create a new blog for making money, click on.

#1. Update daily your blog for getting everyday new visitors. At least one post or more try to post on the blog. In any situation it can be done. Writing a post in a day is not so hard for any types of working person. Hmm, it may be hard to them who loved to keep themselves idle. But, I know you are a working person. So, you obviously can do that.

#2. Create backlinks daily for the new posts. In other words, build at least 100 backlinks of your daily new posts. Ohh god! 100 backlinks in a day! :-O It’s impossible. No man. I am not saying to create high quality backlinks or even dofollow backlinks. You just have to build comment backlinks for your latest post. This is a very simple task. Just open the popular sites and leave a comment including your post link. I have collected 25 commentluv blogs for blog commenting, in where you can create do follow backlinks for your daily posts.

#3. Share posts everday in social media for getting instant visitors. Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In are a great source of traffic. Who use these platforms perfectly, increase their business at a large speed. Posts created you daily share these on these platforms. It can be done in two ways. Manually and Automatically. To do manually, go to the sites one by one and share the latest posts link. But a automatic software does great for sharing posts in social media. The name of the software is Buffer. Use their Official site to create account and share posts. Once you setup the posts in queue, these will be shared automatically in social media accounts. Of course, first link your social media accounts with the buffer.

#4. Try to answer the related niche questions in question & answers sites. A lot of question and answers sites you will find in online. Like Yahoo answers, Quora, Disqus, Microsoft answers etc sites are very working for getting visitors. Find the questions related to your latest post niche and answer linking your post url. This is really something very better for your blog SEO. And you may know the questions and answers sites contain high page rank and higher page authority, domain authority.

#5. Be active on forum sites daily to share your latest post in discussion. Forums matters for blog seo. Select a limited number of forums like 10, 20, 25 etc. how much you can and try to be active on these sites daily. Start discussion related to your blog post topic or comment in related niche topics with your article url.

Over to You

Five unfailing steps are shown in above for making your blogging career successful in 2018. If you can do these what I said, it’s sure you will get the positive result. Thank you so much for reading, please give the feed back of this post in the comment box and if you like this article please share it on Facebook and Twitter.

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