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14 December 2017

5 Reasons Why SMO Is Important In Blogging

SMO is the short form of Social Media Optimization. It is very necessary to do SMO for ranking a blog on search engines mainly in Google. Do you want to get more visitors besides search engines? Are you looking for social media optimization secrets that make a blog successful very fast. If your answer is positive, I can assure you are at the right place. First, have a look on what is smo.

What is SMO?

Social Media Optimiztion is the task to share your blog posts or website contents on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, VK, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat etc and optimize these posts. Now a days, social media is the main and huge amount of source of traffic. Anybody estublished is social media means have a huge amount of followers, can rank a blog easily and very fast. No other tasks need so much because the blog is getting traffic.

5 Importance Of SMO In Blogging

Easy to perform SMO for a blog contents. Just share the blog posts on social media accounts and try to reply the comments of your followers. If you have some followers, you must get a few get comments on your posts. Just keep yourself with your followers by replying their comments. It’s just a simple task that can be done with a great funny.

Opportunity to spread the knowledge to them who even don’t know your blog address. Social media is very effective to make anything viral. Write something are very catchy and share this. The main task will do your Social media followers or friends.

Increasing huge amount of traffic by social media is a very easy task if SMO can be do perfectly. A lot of people use social media site like facebook, twitter etc. everyday from morning to late night. A lot of them can be converted as blog traffic by using proper technique. Another content sharing site is Digg. See how to get traffic from digg.

A lot of comments can be got from social media visitors on a blog. Google count quality comments to rank a blog on the top. So, it’s useful to get more natural comments blog contents.

Increase affiliate sales by social media accounts. Your perfect SMO makes your blog content viral and some of your visitors will be turned into your affiliate buyer definitely. More visitors more sales!

How to do SMO

So, you want to do SMO perfectly for your blog posts to incrase your traffic. It some simple steps. Share your contents using a social media sharing software. Many social media sharing software are available for free to use. Among all one of the best is Buffer. I will highly recommended to use this social sharing software to make your blog posts viral. It’s free. But If you want more advanced service, it has some paid features that are really advanced. But as a starter, free features are enough for you. Just create an account on Buffer then start sharing your contents in Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc. and other social sites for free. You can scheduled your posts for right time sharing. This is a great service of this software. You don’t need to share contents everyday if you scheduled all the posts for sharing in buffer. It’s just like one time work. Then your scheduled posts will be shared at the given time automatically.

3 Effective Tips to Make Social Post Viral

Are you like to know the secrets of making a social post viral? Follow the below three instructions. A survey shows that a social post does very well than normal sharing if it contains the full title in the description and keywords as hashtags.  Here are the three effective tips.

  • Use shorten link of your posts
  • Write the full title in the description
  • Use keywords as hashtags

Over to You

Socail media matters a great today. Billions of user of its. Only facebook is used by 1 billion people! If you can make a catchy, sharable post on facebook, how much people will see this, can you imagine? So, do SMO perfectly and increase your business. Best of luck!

If you like this article please share this on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. If you want to know anything about SMO, leave a comment in below, I will reply in moments.

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