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01 December 2017

5 Powerful Content Writing Techniques [Latest]

Content writing is the most important task and this is the base of your blog. Writing content is not so easy as we think. It is harder than our thinking. Because, contents have to be seo optimized and well written otherwise there will be no value of these contents. All the bloggers try to rise their blog posts on the top of Google but fewers can do it. Because, contents are failing to maintain google terms. Google terms used for ranking a blog post known as Google algorithm. Bloggers who can satisfy google algorithm perfectly, their blog post easily ranked. Even expert bloggers don’t need to do off page seo to rank their posts.

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So, I hope you have understand the importance of content writing. Today, I’m going show you’re the powerful techniques on how to write a seo optimized blog post. Read this post carefully and try it on your blog.

5 Powerful Content Writing Techniques

1. Find long tail keywords in contents. Long tail keywords are very seo responsive. A standard search volume and less competetivity is most important to rise a blog post using this type keyword. Long tail keywords has this properties. Long tail keywords can be found easily in free keyword finding tools. Such as KWFinder, SEMrush, Google Keyword Plannar etc. Long tail keywords are in which contains above three words.

2. Select one as targeted keyword from the list of long tail keywords what you have just found. This is the primary keyword or targeted keyword. Keep mind, you want to rank your blog post using this keyword. When someone will search typing this keyword, your blog will appear in the first page. This is your target and the keyword is your targeted keyword.

3. Use targeted keyword in title while you are writing contents for your blog. Blog posts using targeted keyword in the blog post title are very seo optimized. Google give a better value of these posts to rank because google first crawl the titles to find any result.

4. Use targeted keyword in the url when you are making your blog post url. Targeted keyword in the url makes the blog post more seo friendly. Google crawls the url also to find the results.

5. Input targeted keyword above 5 times in your blog post. At least one input in as header and 4 use in different places in your content. Placement of targeted keyword in the content writing time is vey essential. Try to keep the content grammartically right. Google hates grammartical errors in contents. You should not use local English words in your blog post. Try to use the words that are internationally used.

Over to you

A blog post largely dependent on content writing techniques to be ranked. Powerful content writing techniques will rank your blog post fast in the first position. Try all the 5 steps I have pointed above while you are writing your contents.

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