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29 November 2017

Why Every Student Should Start A Blog

Blogging is just not preferable for making a huge amount of money every month, rather it has many advantages. Each and every student who read in schools, colleges or universities should start a blog for their own advantage. This is the internet era. Now, almost everybody have smartphones, tabs or laptops. A blog can be run using these easy available devices. So, it’s very easy to maintain a blog for students. Creating a new blog is not a rocket science or rising up on the avarest. It’s just few steps.

start a blog

Starting a new blog is easy and simple process that can be done in 15 minutes. See step be step here how to start a blog in 15 minutes.

Why every student should blog regularly

The benefits of blogging regularly for a student is beyond doubt. Blogging is eual to writing in this article for the students. How much you write, how much you learn! Everyday blogging makes a student perfect in writing. If a student do this regularly, one day he or she becomes a great free hand writer. He becomes efficient. It becomes easy to write on something for him or her. This efficiency helps him or her a lot in exams. Have a look on the benefits of regular blogging for a student. If you are an engineering student, then it is more important to blog. See why every engineer should blog to know the secret reasons.

#7 Benefits of regular blogging for a student

Enhance writing quality: The first benefit of regular blogging for a student is, it makes him or her efficient in free hand writing. It helps to correct the grammartical errors. Day by day, the blog writer become advanced in writing. In higher level studies, all the subjects are in English. So, if a student writes posts in English in a blog, he will be able to write perfectly in examination.

Chance to make money: Most of the blogs are build for the purpose of making money. A huge amount of money can be earned monthly by running a blog. Sometimes a unbelievable amount like $1000/day can be earned! It’s real. Tricky Enough is an example of $100/day earning blog that is run by an Indian student Robin Khokhar. $100/day is really big amount for a running student. If we calculate the monthly amount, it will be approximately $3000/day. This awesome amount is enough to make you happy in any stage of your life. So, start a blog and be happy!

Grow global connection: Today, the world has become smaller beceuse of technology. So, it is not enough to know only  our native neighbors today. We have to make global relationship. We have to  be connected with people who are in developed countries to be updated with them. A blog can give you the opportunity. If your create a blog and  start writing on it, people from other countries will see it, they will comment and you’ll reply these comments. By this way, you’ll be familiar with them. You’ll get friends and followers.

Chance to brand yourself: Today, marketing is everywhere. And this is the only term, everybody have to use to survive in the modern time. learn to brand yourself, learn to sell yourself, you’ll be successful. If you have a authority blog, you will be branded. You will be familiar in online. Here is some example who have branded their names by blogging. Robin Khokar (Tricky Enough Blog), Amit Vobani ( Amit Vobani Blog), Harsh Agarwal (ShoutMeLoud Blog) etc.

Make yourself independent: Students have a chance to be independent running a money making blog. A student can run a blog properly along with study. Make money from your blog and be independnt before getting a job 10am-4pm job. You can do what you want to do along with blogging. Because nobody is your boss in this criteria.

No time maintainace: Blogging don’t need to time maintainace. Write on your blog, when you get time. Nobody will tell you why you didn’t write today? You can post your articles when you will free from study. During the examination and class time, you can stop blogging. Actually, blogging don’t need huge time. Maximum 2 hours a day is enough to run a blog.

Chance to get foreign job: When you’ll familiar in online through your blog, a lot of chances will knock at the door for giving you a foreign job. Just brand yourself, rank your blog and increase followers in social media. Try to write better in your blog. Obviously, you will get offers for job from developed country clients. Here mind, clients will show your work, not your certificate. Let me shrae an example with you. Image a person looking for job in the grand city of Dubai. Now he would like to see the list of recruitment agencies in Dubai.  

Over to You

I think you have got the impotance and advantages of blogging along with studying. If you like this article, please share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. Any feed back or question, write in the comment box. I will reply in moments. See how to start a successful blog step by step process.

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