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28 November 2017

Why Content Is King For Ranking A Blog

Almost we all bloggers know content is king of a blog. Basically, content is your product. Think why visitors will come in your blog? Of course to find something or to get a answer. If your content is well written and contain the right answer. Obviously your visitors will be satisfied. And they will come again when they will find something.
content writing
It is undoubtly right that content writing is the most tough work for a blogger. It’s a hard work. But if you can write well, your blog will be successful very soon. Here mind, your blog main properties is content. So do something better in this criteria.
About 30% of websites contains spammy or duplicate contents, a research says. Google prefers unique contents to rank a blog. But some of the bloggers don’t write by their own, they always try to spin other bloggers content. This a very bad behave as a blogger. To be successful of course avoid it and try to be a hard worker in writing. Try to write your inside. One day you must be successful.

How to Write Unique, Catchy and Powerful Content

Unique means one which has no other copy. All search engines like this type of content very much. It’s very easy to rank a unique content in search engines. Sometimes no seo needed to rank. So try to write unique and catchy contents for your blog. Three tasks need to do to create a unique, cathy and powerful content.

  • Select long tail keywords first
  • Write contents with your own hands (Of course, on keyboard)
  • Input keywords in your content properly
  • Check grammar at the end ( Check by grammarly)

Above 4 tasks do properly while you are writing your content. It’s right it is very hard to write a powerful content in the first day. But if you practice regularly, you will be able to write these quality contents very soon.

What is Plagiarism

Positive plagiarism means your content has been indexed already in Google. When google find plagiarism contents in a blog, panda hits the blog. If you copy contents from somewhere google know, and then you publish on your blog. This is plagiarism. Doing plagiarism break copyright law. So google punish these blogs who publish copied contents.

Why need to Check Plagiarism before Publishing Content

It’s better to check plagiarism before publishing content on a blog. It keeps your blog far away from getting hit by Google panda. By checking it, you will assure about your content uniqueness. And you know the importance of uniqueness of content in SEO.

How to Check Plagiarism

Checking plagiarism is just a simple process that can took about 5 minutes. There are many free online softwares helps a blogger to check plagiarism. Just use these softwares to find plagiarism. Use this Plagiarism checker tool to check uniqueness of your content.

How to Rank a Blog without Backlinks

Most of the blogger can not think a blog which has no thousands of backlinks. But it is true that a blog can be rank if a major factor works well. And the major factor is content. Only quality contents can rank a blog without having backlinks.

Over to you

Write powerful contents and get your blog ranked easily. It’s a practicing work. So practice to write more and more. If your like this post, please share it on Facebook, Twitter and Linked in. If you have any question, please write in the comment box. I will reply in moments.

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