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29 November 2017

List of 25 CommentLuv Blogs For Dofollow Backlinks

CommentLuv is a popular comment plugin for blogs. CommentLuv blogs offer do follow backlinks for the comment author site. A dofollow backlink created at the end of the comment while someone post a comment on these blogs. The backlink is built for the latest post of commenting blog.
commentluv blogs
Bloggers use different kinds of comment plugin like Facebook, Google + , Diqus etc. for their blog. These plugins offers nofollow backlinks. Among them commentluv is the only plugin which creates dofollow backlinks in the comment section.

How to Create Dofollow Backlinks on CommentLuv Blogs

It’s very easy to get a dofollow backlink from a CommentLuv blog. Just browse these sites and go to the comment section. Enter you name in the name blank box, email in the email blank box and URL of your blog in the URL blank box. Then click on submit. Sometimes, you’ll be asked to enter your twitter username in another blank box. In this case enter your twitter username and submit the comment . The webpage will be refreshed automatically. A backlink will be created for the latest post of the url you commenter has inputed. And this the dofollow link of your blog.

What is the Advantage of Using CommentLuv

Commentors and the CommentLuv blogs both have the advantages of using CommentLuv. Here have a look on what usefulness each get.

Advantages for CommentLuv Blogs
  • Most of the visitors wants to comment
  • Neat and Clean comment section
  • Spammers are detected easily
  • Helps to collect emails
  • Easy spam links removal

Advantages for Commentetors
  • Dofollow backlink for posts
  • Homepage backlink
  • Instant visitors

How to Install CommentLuv in a Blog

CommentLuv is a wordpress plugin which has two versions. Free and paid. New bloggers can easily use free versions. Two version features almost all the same. Though, if you have ability, purchase it to get better experience. To add commentluv pluging in your wordpress blog, go to the plugins from the wordpress dashboard. Then search CommentLuv and install one from the appeard results. See the entire process step by step to install commentluv in a blog.

Paid version gives the advantages to input twitter link to stop spamming in blog. Free version has no such kind of check point. Captcha code verification is included in paid version commentluv plugin for stop spammers strictly.

List of Dofollow Commenting CommentLuv Blogs

Here is a list of commentluv blogs. I have collected these links when I did my last job. I think this list will help you for ranking your blog. Dofollow backlinks from these commentluv blogs are really working for seo. Browse these sites one by one and comment. Here mind please, don’t do spam commenting. Spamming is threat to your blog. To avoid spam while commenting, please read the article and try to understand what it says, then post a relevant comment.

Serial No.
CommentLuv Blogs

Over to you
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