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30 November 2017

5 Benefits of Questions Post in Blogging

Content writing is the most important task in blogging. How much your contents catchy, how much your blog goes popular. It’s essential to ask questions to your readers. It’s important to make yourself known about your visitors demand, their need. Moreover, question posts better do in blog seo. People like to click on the questions post, while they find any in search engine results.

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#5 Benefits of Questions Post

Question posts are very effective in blogging. A blog which contains only question posts, can be viral easily it that is found by right audience. A reputed blog “wikiHow only based on questions post. And we all know how much popular it is! Actually, a question can drive a traffic easily to the blog where other forms of sentences can not do the same.

Question posts are very catchy to convert a reader into visitor. When people show the questions headline in a search engine or social media post, the first thing rise on their mind that they will find the right answer in this post. They assure theifself saying, this is the right place where they will find what they are finding. This type of posts are very useful for blogging. A survey shows, people like to click on the questions post for their answers.

Question posts are seo responsive for a blog and can easily be ranked. Search engines like this posts. Google always prefer to rank a questions post. Most of the blogger experts say about the seo responsive of questions post. They have reasearched and get the positive result of questions post for seo. And we all know the importance of seo for making a blog successful. A well known blogging expert Brian Dean showed the seo responsiveness of question posts in an article in his blog Backlinko.

Question posts are easy linkable in other sites. There are many answer sites in the web. If a blogger write an question post on his/her blog, he/she will be able to create easily backlinks in the answers sites like Yahoo ans!, Quora, Ask.com, Disqus etc. People ask questions in answers sites and the experts answers these questions. You can create backlinks in the answer giving area linking your questions post.

Question posts are easy to write for a blog. We know that content writing is the hard and tough step. Most of the new bloggers fail to write a blog post properly. They made errors. This is because they fail to reach their goal. Getting traffic for their blog becomes very hard. But if he/she follow a simple technique, he will be able to overcome the content writing problem. Just he can ask a question and answer in details. A well written blog post will be created automatically. This is the most easy way to write a standard quality blog post. New blogger can follow this technique easily.

Over to You

The benefits of questions post in blogging is beyond doubt. Asking questions to readers and answering them in blog is seo responsive, reader friendly and clickable. Use this question answering technique to solve content writing problem.

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