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25 October 2017

WiFi Hotspot – How to create by a mobile WiFi hotspot

A wifi hotspot is a wireless internet connection field in a fixed area. It can be created by Router, PC,  and mobile. To make a mobile wifi hotspot, the mobile must have to be a smartphone. Because this  is a built in feature of every smartphone. You can share your mobile internet connection with other devices like phone, PC, Laptop  etc. by activating this. Now I’m going to show you how to create a wifi hotspot by a mobile.

wifi hotspot

WiFi Hotspot | How to turn on it on Android mobile

To create a mobile wifi hotspot, you just need a smartphone. You can start mobile wifi just activating the android smartphone portable wifi hotspot feature. How to do this? Just move follow my steps.

  • First you have to go to the "settings" option from the menu. Open this.
  • Then go to “Wireless and Networks”.
  • Tap on the “Tethering & portable hotspot”. After opening this click on the blank check mark box placed in the right. Your mobile will start as a wifi hotspot accessing device.
wifi hotspot

WiFi Hotspot | How to turn on it on iPhone

Mobile wifi hotspot is also turnable in iPhone. To make your iPhone as a wifi hotspot, follow the below steps I’m going to show you.

  • First go to "settings".
  • Then tap on "Cellular".
  • After opening the Cellular options choose “Personal Hotspot” and turn it on.

You have to set a password to turn the wifi hotspot. You can change your wifi hotspot password. To change it go to Settings >Cellular > Personal Hotspot. Then tap on the WiFi password.

WiFi Hotspot | How to turn on it on Windows Phone

Are you using a windows phone?
Don’t worry. There is also a built in feature in your windows phone for sharing your data connection with other devices. To turn the wifi hotspot, follow the below steps.

  • From the app list, search “Settings” and tap it on.
  • Tap on “Internet sharing” from the settings.
  • Then tap on Share Over > WiFi
  • Set  Sharing to On.

That’s three the ways to turn wifi hotspot on three types of smartphone Android, iPhone and Windows. If your like these tips, please leave a reply what’s on your mind and share this on your facebook, twitter and other social media accounts.


  1. Great tips. I currently use my mobile hotspot to connect with my pc and it's a best and great feature android can every add on their technology

  2. Hey Awogor Matthew,
    Thank you so much for your nice feedback.

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