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16 December 2016

How To install Windows 8

Hi readers, this is a special trick for install windows 8 in your laptop/desktop. Sometimes we’ve to wait hours to hours to get a simple help just for install windows because you can’t do this. I have the bad experience of it. So I’m going to show you this simple process of this workout today. Keep yourself with me.
install windows 8

#Install Windows 8 - Step By Step

You should mind it before we’re going to install windows 8 this via Internal CD-ROM. If you want to use USB CD-ROM, this process should be changed a little. I’ll show that in my next post.

1. At First, buy a windows 8 CD disk from any IT shop in the market. Of course collect the disk containing windows 8 product key which is the must for making windows genuine at the time of installing. It is also called the activator.

2. Now insert the disk into the computer’s CD-ROOM. If your computer runs the previous windows, you can start it first. Otherwise, press the power key and open the CD-ROM. Power off the computer. Now Insert the windows 8 installation disk and close it.  Turn on the computer pressing on the power button again. Wait for a few seconds and your CD disk should run in a high speed. If not, open the disk and close again. You should do this again and again until the disk is not properly run.

3. After some moments monitor will recommend you to press ESC to open start-up menu. Press ESC and this time monitor will show some options such as f2, f9, f10, f11 press f11 again.

4. Now monitor should recommend you as “ Press any key to boot from CD-ROM”. So press any key from the keyboard. The windows 8 installing process should start a few seconds.

5. Unfortunately, if the step no. 4 will not happen, You’ve to go boot option menu pressing f10 in the step no. 3. There make the options Internal CD-ROM bootable friendly. Such as enable Internal CD-ROM boot and place this option on the top.

6. Now save and exit. This time you should see the step no. 4.

7. After starting the installation process, first windows will collect information from you. So select the right options and go ahead.

8. When the hard drives appear you have to choose one where you need to install. Normally you may select the C drive and format it.

9. At the last step of collecting information process, you may see a new problem and this is the main problem.

10. If the PC’s hard drives are on MVR format windows 8 won’t install. So you have to change the hard drive format.

11.To change this go back two or three steps and find “Repair your PC” option and go ahead.

12.You’ll find Command Control option there. Open it and type bellow writing.

list disk
select disk 0
cleanconvert to GPT 

13.Yess! done!! Now go again “Install Now” and go forward. Windows 8 should be installed normally this time. Enjoy!


  1. I think it would be important to mention that you have to check beforehand if Windows 8 is compatible with your hardware and it's drivers.
    There was a time when I upgraded to Windows 7 from Windows XP but later on found out that there're no drivers for my GPU in Windows 7, needless to say that I can hardly play any games without my drivers. So I think it's important for someone to check beforehand if there're drivers for his setup.

  2. Hey George,

    You are right but if you don't do this before the installation, here is a way to find the drivers in online. But don't worry, nothing you have to do. You just install Driver Booster app and find the missing drivers in it. Then you will be able to install missing drivers and update your old drivers. I think it's the best way.


  3. Yes, that is if new drivers exist for your hardware haha.