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09 November 2016

What is SEO- How to do SEO

What is SEO

SEO is the short name of Search Engine Optimization. It means to optimize your web pages for getting on top in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc by searching some definite keywords. Wikipedia says, “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to affect the visibility of a website in different search engines. In fact, SEO is the process of showing something on top in the search engines specially in Google.

Let me make you more clear about this term. Suppose you’ve written a article about SEO and your article’s title is “How to learn SEO effectively?” You also have analised your keywords and selected a keyword like “Learn SEO”.

Got it what am I talking? What is the need or use of this keyword?

Ok, let’s be more clear. Keyword is the key of your article. That means when people will search writting this keyword, your website will appear in the top of search engines. More definitely, suppose a online user has searched in Google writing the keyword “Learn SEO”. If you optimized your webpage or article in Google using this keyword “Learn SEO”, your webpage or site will be appeared on top by Google. For this, what you’ve to do, all of these methods call in a word SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO- How to do SEO

When you find something by typing a keyword in Google, you might be found some links which are sponsored link by search engine. If you look carefully, you’ll be seen Ads in the top right side of these site. These sites have paid to Google to keep them in the first page which are called sponsored link. Now you can say, are these works same as what we are gonna do? Of course not. Ranking a site in the first page of Google by offering a definite amount of money is such a work that can’t be call SEO,  this is called SEM. SEM means Search Engine Marketing. We are not gonna do this. Mind it, we are gonna do SEO and it’s totally priceless. So, we are gonna rank our site without any payments to Google. But if you need to buy tools to do this, you’ve to do it for advanced SEO for your blog.

What is SERPs

SERPs is the nickname of Seach Engine Result Pages. If you search about something in search engines, what results would be shown in some pages, all pages or results are called in a word SERPs.

Why to do SEO

Do you know how many bloggers are publishing this blog posts everyday?

Can you guess?

About 2 million posts are published each and everyday. And most of the users search necessary links in Google.  Now think yourself, If you don’t optimize your blog, why Google will rise your blog in first page where everybody are doing these. And Google publishes its updated rules to inform users that they can optimize their blog maintaining this. No other priceless way to rank your blog in first page without SEO. So you wanna rank your blog posts in a search engine but your competent is 2 million! Think, how much it’s tough. But you’ve to do if you wanna be successful in blogging. So you need to follow right steps and we’re going to learn that in below.

Differences between SEO and SEM

SEO and SEO is the makes the output but way of working is different. One is a free service by search engines and the other is paid. SEO means Search Engine Optimization and SEM means Search Engine Marketing. When you rank your blog in the first page of a search engine without paying any cost, it’s called SEO. But if you pay to search engines to  keep your blog in the first page, it’s called SEM.

How it kinds

SEO is two kinds.

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

On page SEO

On page SEO means optimize your blog contents, titles and meta descriptions and html codes etc. In fact, on page SEO refers the inner work of your blog.

Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is such types of works that are been done out of the blog. Building links in other sites to transfer traffic into your site, these links are called backlinks, linking in social networks to increase visitors are included in off page SEO.

Have you need to hire a professional for your blog

If you’re part time blogger or even full time, you want to make additional money from your blog and lastly, you have enough time to be established in blogging, you don’t need to hire a SEO professional. You can do these works. But as a new learner, learning period may be long. If you don't have any blog, create one now.
If you walk gradually, carefully and very attentively you can do it rightly. For making yourself a SEO specialist, I’m writing these articles and making this tutorials. I can assure you this tutorial will make you professional SEO specialist. Just follow me. Best wishes for you…

How goggle rank a website

Google has some rules to rise a website in the first page. To know these rules, you’ve to understand Google search analytics. But this not so important because if you perform what I am doing in below steps you’ll automatically learn it. Although if you want to know, here you should have a look.

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Resource: http://fitsmallbusiness.com/how-to-increase-google-page-rank/

Types of SEO

Two types of SEO are performed by the SEO specialists. One is valid and the other is invalid. These are…

  1. White hat SEO
  2. Black hat SEO

White hat SEO

White hat SEO such types of SEO that is done following the rules of search engine. If you do SEO maintaining Google rules, that will be called White hat SEO. So it is valid by search engine and it’s also a long lasting or permanent process.

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is invalid by search engines. Bacause it is done by breaking search engine rules. Every search engine has some faults, some lacks. Some bad SEO specialists are willing to rank clients site by using these search engine lacks. By this they can aquire first position but this is not a parmanent process. When search engine specialists will know this problem, they solve it and the black hat SEO performed site will be panalized by search engine. So it’s not a safe process to optimize a website.

#1. On page SEO methods

There are two kinds of methods of SEO. On page SEO is one of them and it’s very important to rank the website. On page SEO means to work on this website what you are gonna rank. Now we are gonna discuss about these steps and learn very carefully how to do these.

Here are the steps…

1. Template Selection

Template selection is a very important step to make a website successful. When you are selecting a template for your site you should keep in mind that your site are gonna look according to your template. Themes is the another name of templates.  Here also keep in mind that. In online you can find the both names. But the things are same. So please don’t be confused!

You can get beautiful and responsive themes or templates in internet for free. But you’ve enough money to buy a paid template, it’s better to do it for your site. Here see the important steps to choose the best designed theme and download it for free.

2. Title Tag

Title of your blog likes headline of News. Why news channels show the headlines instead of details when they start to telecast.

Have you ever try to think about it?

They makes a short conception of that day’s news to listen the whole news. If fact, they try to keep you wathing their channel. They try to show the important news in their headlines. As much as the headlines are attractive, cathy and important, the viewers in a large number are interested to keep watching that channel.

Likely, blog title makes interest to visit your blog. As much as your blog title will be cathy and attractive, you’ll get more traffic in your site. Mind it, when people will search your site in search engines, they will find your blog title first. So can you guess how much important it is!

3. Meta Description

Meta description is also very much important as much as title is important. Because meta description is also be seen along with title when visitors will search your site in search engines.

4. Content Writting

Content is the king of a blog. Well and unique content, site is ranked. Your sites quality is dependent on your contents quality. Unique and keyword balanced containing posts will be risen on top early in search engines.

Now you can have a question.

Why content is so important for a blog?

Ok fine. Let me ask you a question at this moment. What is the main thing of a blog in your eye? Definitely content.


Let think, a visitor wants to find something in online. So he/she search on Google by entering keyword in the search bar. Suppose your site is seen on top. Of course the visitor will enter into your site and he/she will try to find his/her necessary things but if he/she don’t find, he/she will transfer in another site and I can assure you that he/she won’t be back again in your site. So now, I am sure that you have understood the importance of content for a blog or website. Here you’ll find the effective techniques to write high quality contents.

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5. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the primary step to write a quality content. A good content must contain keywords. So to choose effective keywords you have to research. There are many tools to collect keywords. But you’ve to collect the good keywords by using your head. I’ll tell you these tips to choose effective keywords for your blog. First, let me tell you why keywords is important? And obviously it’s a very hard step. When people will search any need in virtual word, they use these keywords. Because they don’t know which websites contain their necessary things. So you have to include these keywords in your blog so that the search engines can understand what’s on your website and what users want to see. Again I’m telling you that keyword research is the most important and hard step in blogging. But don’t worry, just have a look in the below link to make this step easy to you.

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6. Keywords in Title and Permalink

You must drop a limited number of keywords in the blog title, post title and each permalinks to make your blog more optimized. It makes easier to search engines to find your blog.

7. Robots.txt

Robot.txt is a very important file to be indexed your site instantly. Here are the method of Robot.txt setup. Your robots.txt url will be http://www.yourdomain.com/robots.txt .

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8. Interlinking:

In you post, you should make interlinks to keep your visitor on your site for a large session. It’s a great strategy. Create links in your post lines where necessary. You can also make your related posts links in your posts.

9. Sitemap:

A good website must contain Sitemap of this site. Sitemap is index of a site like a contents of books, headlines of news. Here are the process of Sitemap setup in a blog.

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#2. Off Page SEO methods

The other kinds of SEO is Off page SEO. In fact, this is another one way to rise your blog in the first page of different search engines. But here you shoud mind, On page and Off page SEO both are very important to rank a blog in the first page. You can not rise your blog in the first page of Google without optimizing two methods of SEO like you can not go so far without using your two legs. So off page is SEO is must to be successful in blogging. Here are off page SEO methods in details.

1. Link Building:

Link building, in other word Creation of Backlinks, is the main off page SEO job, some SEO specialists say. Of course, it’s major one in off page SEO but it is not the only one rather it’s a great important one Creation of links of a site in other good ranking sites is called Link Building. It helps to increase traffic in your site. It’s a very effective process among other methods of off page SEO. Link building simple way in below.

<a href=”yourdomainname” title=”keyword”>Anchor text</a>

Anchor text means which names you want to make visual for traffic. By clicking on the anchor text your traffic will be entered into your site. Anchor texts should contain keywords. The links you build, may be two types.

  1. No follow link
  2. Do follow link

No follow link : The links you build which are unable to transfer traffic in your site by clicking on them are called No follow link. These links are not effective to rank your site. No follow link building methods looks like

<a href=”http://www.youdomain.com” title=”keyword” rel=”nofollow”>Anchor text</a>.

Do follow link : The backlinks you create are able to transfer traffic in your referring site by clicking on them are called Do follow link.

2. Article Rewritting or Spinning:

To post articles in Blogs, Forums or Answer sites you’ll in need articles. You can write articles by yourself if you are very first and quality content writer. It’s a very time costly process. It can only do the talented persons which are well in English or in the related language. But you can use a alternative method to write articles. A softwere will help you to rewrite articles which will be considered about to unique. There are many softweres which are able to do the above work perfectly. Spinerchief is one of the best. Here are the method of how to spin or rewrite an article by Spinnerchief.

3. Blog Posting:

When you build your site’s backlink in blog sites by posting articles, is called Blog posting. A large number of blog sites are publishing their new articles everyday and  numerous visitors are reading these. So if you can write and publish a article in these sites, you may get a large number of readers everyday. Here if you create backlinks of your site, you’ll get new visitors.  Get Top 25 High PR Blog Sites to create backlinks.

4. Forum Posting:

Forum posting is also like Blog posting. Here you’ve to create backlinks by posting articles in Forum sites. Numerous reknown forum sites are going worldwide. If you create backlinks in these sites you may ger a large number of visitors. Here are Top 25 High PR Forum Sites which can be used for  high quality link building.

5. Answer Posting:

There are numerous answer sites around the virtual world where people go for getting their necessary answers. If you can build your site’s backlink by answering any question, a large number of visitors can be transferred in your site. Here are Top 25 High PR Answer Sites where you can create backlinks.

6. Web 2.0 Link Building:

Web 2.0 link building is the base of any website to be ranked in Google. Web 2.0 sites mean social media sites like facebook, twitter, Wikipedia, google+ etc. Here are 25 high PR web 2.0 sites for you to rise your site on top in Google.

7. Comment Backlinking:

When you create backlinks by commenting in other sites, is called Comment Backlinking or Link Building by Commenting. It helps to transfer visitors in your site. See how to create backlinks by commenting in other sites.

Ending Wish
This SEO tutorial for beginners who want to learn google ranking formulas and ways. They will learn also a website ranking ways step by step. Hope you’ll enjoy this search engine optimization tutorial. I wish this article or tutorial will be able to learn you the entire process of SEO and you’ll be able to perform all the steps perfectly and at last your website/blog will be ranked and you’ll be successful in blogging or in your job. If you’ll learn a single word form this article, I’ll be successful. You can also read more about in this SEO Tutorial too. Thank you.

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