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19 August 2016

How To Install Wordpress Plugins

Install wordpress plugins is a very important step to make your blog advanced. There are many necessary plugins on wordpress. Some of these are very needy. Here you’ll get all the important plugins.
Install Wordpress Plugins

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How to Install WordPress Plugins

Today, I’m going to show you the ways of installing these plugins. There are 3 ways to install a plugin in your wordpress blog. Here I’m going to show you all the ways. After reading this article, you’ll be able to install wordpress plugins in using these ways.

Three ways are…
  1. Search and Install Plugins
  1. Upload and Install Plugins
  1. Using FTP
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Installing plugins using FTP is not a common way. It’s different from other two. Wordpress offers 2 ways to install plugins easily. “Search and Installing” and “Upload and Installing” process can be done from the wordpress blog’s dashboard. But a softwere is needed to use to install plugins by FTP method. Ok, let’s see the details about all these ways.

Search and Installing Process:

Wordpress is the most easiest and effective platform for blogging. To make the blog advanced, search engine friendly and SEO optimized, some plugins is needed to install. Search and install is the easy way to do this. In this way, you’ve to know just the plugin name. Let’s see in details…

  1. Log in to your Wordpress dashboard submitting email or username and password.

  1. From the dashboard, click on “Plugins” menu. You’ll find all the menus in the left side of the dashboard. Here you’ll see menus are vertically decorated from top to bottom.

  1. After loading the page, click on “Add New” from the top.

  1. In this page, type the plugin name what you want to install in the “Search Plugins” field and click on enter.
  1. Now you’ll see various plugins related to your search. Choose the plugin and click on “Install Now” from the right side of the plugin.

  1. Installing process should be end within a few seconds. After completetion of installation, click on “Activate Plugin”.

  1. Plugin will be activated in a moments and you’ll see the following window.

It’s a very easy process. And I recommended you to follow this process. Here you should mind that you need to check the plugin’s verson if it is eligible to work in your wordpress softwere verson or not. Otherwise if your plugins won’t work properly.

Upload and Install process:

If you want to install a plugin by uploading, first you’ve to download its ZIP file. Then you need to upload this ZIP file manually. Let’s have a look…

  1. Log in to the wordpress dashboard and Click on “Plugins” from the menu like before.
  1. Then click on “Add New”.
  1. After opening the next page click on “Upload Plugin” and choose the downloaded ZIP file. Then click on Ok. When the downloading process is completed, activate the plugin.

That’s it!

Using FTP:

Sometimes plugins can not be uploaded from the dashboard for server problem. If it happened, There is an another way to do it. It’s also a easy process. Have a look the entire process…

  1. First download the plugin from the WP plugin library. Unzip the zip file.
  1. Log in to cPanel of your hosting.
  1. Upload the unzip file by the the cPanel.
  1. Then log in to your wordpress dashboard and activate the uploaded plugin.

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