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07 August 2016

How to buy Domain and Hosting

As we are going to create a new blog in order to make money, we have to invest a few amount. About 20$ or something more is needed to invest to start a blog although we can make a blog for free but this method is not favourable to earn more money.
buy domain and hosting

So, wehave to invest and now we are going doing this. Domain and Hosting are very important to make a blog advanced. Mind it, we are creating a blog in wordpress platform. To know the reason, Read here,

A new domain is needed to start a new blog. We have to buy it. There are many domain seller sites like Godaddy, Namecheap etc. Domains are unique. Actually, it is the address of your blog. So be careful when you’re going to buy it. Read here, what is must to know at the time of buying a domain.

Hosting is also very important to make your blog better. You should buy hosting from a well known company like Hostgator, Godaddy, Bluehost and etc. You may be charged about 10$ or something more for one year. After one year, you have to renew it like the domain.

If you want to buy only hosting and you don’t have the opportunity to buy domain, you’ve a way to do it. Some companies offer a top level domain along with hosting. One of these is Bluehost. Actually Bluhost gives a offer to buy domain free if you buy hosting from them. You can buy easily to save money and your blog will be advanced also.

Before buying domain or hosting you have to prepare first as you have to pay. In Bluehost, Credit card, Debit card and PayPal are accepted. Think before what method you want to use. After making sure yourself, go ahead to buy.

How to buy Domain and Hosting

Let’s see the steps…

  1. First , click on "Sign up" in the below image and find “get started now” and click on it to go ahead.
  1. A new page will open containing some packages of their products. These are 3 packages of their hosting service.

a. The starter package is for one website.
b. The plus package is for multiple websites. That means, It is for hosting more than one site.
c. A dedicated IP is needed to buy Business Pro Package.

After choosing, click on the “select” to move.
Choose a free Domain: After selecting your package, a new window will open. Here, you’ll be asked to choose a free domain or to enter a existing domain name. If you don’t have previous registered domain, choose one.

After choosing your domain, click on “next”. A new form will appear and you’ve to fill the form. Don’t worry, it’s a very simple step. You need to fill this form entering simple data about you like name, email and address. You can easily complete it.

After that, you will see about you packages again to confirm. Check it carefully and go ahead.

Now you’ve to complete the payment task. There are some ways to complete the payment method included Credit card, Debit card and PayPal. To show all the methods click on “more payment options” and choose your payment method.

Another new window will appear which can be ignored. Then , click on “complete”.

The next window will make you sure about your purchase. In this window, click on “ create your password ” and make a secure one.

Your password should be complex one included capital letters, small letters, numbers and special symbols.

Now check your mail box and open the confirmation mail. In the mail, you’ll see your cPanel log in details. Yess! You’ve done all the task.

To log in hosting cPanel, go to and click on log in. Your  username and the password you created a few minutes ago enter into the field and click on “submit”.

A new page will appear and click on “Home” and you’ll be on cPanel.
Congratulations! You’ve become the owner of a new domain and hosting for one year. After a year you’ve to renew the domain and hosting plan. Now you’ve to install Wordpress on Bluehost. Here’s the entire process…

For the new year 2017, most of the hosting companies offer special discounts to their customers. To enjoy these discounts, buy hosting packages to create blog/website from the below link. Here are all the re-known providers I listed in details and especially I have a created coupon codes to offer you an extra discount.

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