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10 August 2016

7 Wrong ideas about Wordpress

In a stats, it is known about 20% websites  are created in Wordpress. It is used to create such a large number websites because it works as full Content Management System (CMS). Think, how much popularity is this! Still having such a popularity, there are some wrong ideas about it to the people. 
These people bears wrong ideas because they only listen about these ideas from the other people, they don’t have any reading from a right source. Today, I am gonna to disscuss about this topic. I just want to present the real situation in this article to detect the ideas which are damned. Let’s have a look on this 10 wrong ideas about Wordpress.

7 Wrong ideas about Wordpress

  • First one is that, Some of the new comers think, as wordpress is a free platform, it doesn’t provide the better service. About this idea, I’ll say, yeah it’s a free platform but I can assure you its service is better than others. If you face a problem, you can contact with them using live chat room. They also serve by email if you contact. The wordpress authority is very responsive although the wordpress is free.
  • Some of the people thinks websites created by wordpress are not traffic friendly. In this opinion, I recommended to browse and see the rank of TechChrunch, Forbes, Newyork Times and CNN. We all know these sites are famous around the world. Not only these, you can also check the ranking of india’s top adsense earners sites Digital Inspiration, ShoutMeLoud and so on. So this thinking is a totally wrong. In a line, Wordpress sites and blogs are very traffic friendly or search engine friendly.
  • The another wrong idea is that, most of the websites or blogs created in wordpress are looks like same. I’ll say you browse MyThemeShop and ThemeForest to get a clear conception about wordpress themes. In these sites, you’ll find numerious themes which are different each other and looking very beatifull.
  • “As it is free, its value is very poor”. It’s also a wrong idea. You should mind it, now wordpress is not a personally authorized. That means, it’s owner is not a single person. It’s a company and authorized by more than one share holders. So, it behaves like an organization although it’s a open source. It is true that, it was started as blogging platform but at this time it has become a famous website builder. Such a famous, that is used to create websites for Microsoft, Adobe and what not.
  • “ It is appropriate for the new comers who are not expert in html and css, it is not for those who are in advanced level”. Actually, the use of wordpress is easy but not valueless. This is very usefull and appropriate for new comers and advanced persons.
  • “Wordpress is not good for E-commerce sites as there is no default payment getway or shopping cart”. Yes, this is right but there are many plugins, you can sell your products.
  • “Security of a Wordpress is not very well”. This is a common problem for all the sites, actually not in sites, this is common in internet world. Most of the sites may be hacked, if the most of the owners follow a wrong way at the time of creating their sites. Moreover, Wordpress has a powerfull security system. The engineers of wordpress are alaways conscious about this. So nothing to worry for you. You can start making your future famous site or blog from right now on Wordpress!

7 Wrong ideas about Wordpress

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